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Shree Bhagwati Machtech India PVT LTD. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of different pharmaceutical equipments. It has also contributed to fulfilling the growing demand for lab high shear mixer granulator.

Plough shear mixers are used for multipurpose utilization and performing different processes like grinding, mixing, or dispersion. Depending on the attached accessories, various other operations can also be performed. Since the need of these shear mixers is prominent in pharmaceutical industries, the quality should be maintained. With over two decades of experience, every product that is manufactured undergoes a proper inspection from different perspectives such as the material of the mixer, reliability of the machine, and its efficiency.

The below-mentioned points are important aspects that are considered before the manufacturing and delivery of these mass mixers.     

Plough Shear Mixers

1. Material Selection

The selection of material before the manufacturing of these mixers is of utmost importance as it is responsible for many other factors for example durability of the machine. The better the material, the better is the life of the machinery. For the customised need of customers, the materials chosen can be flexible depending on the customer’s requirement. For example, carbon steel, manganese steel, ss304, 316L, and 321 are different categories of metals that can be used for the manufacturing of these mixers. Besides, different materials can also be used between the part that remains in contact with the raw material and the parts that don’t contact with the raw material.

For the surface treatment for stainless steel different methods like sandblasting, wiredrawing, polishing, and mirror polishing can be used for different parts of a mixer.

2. Driven Unit

These plough shear mixers differ depending on the material used during their manufacturing. Since the driven unit, power, and output speed vary depending on the different raw material, starting method, and processing, the selection of high-quality raw materials should be ensured. The shear mixers have options for different motors like general motors, explosion-proof motors, variable frequency motor, and energy-saving motor with high efficiency.

The most commonly used reducers in these barrel mixers are R-series, K-series, and F-series gear box, cycloidal reducer, universal gear reducer, and planetary gear reducer. Gearboxes play a major role in the working of shear mixers and are available in variety like a direct connection, pulley connection, and hydraulic coupler connection.

At Bhagwati Machtech, it is ensured that the driven units are reliable for large scale production.

3. Mixing Unit

The mixing unit of any pharmaceutical equipment should be in such a manner that the materials are mixed properly and its maintenance is also easy. The plow heads in the plough shear mixer can be dismountable which makes it convenient for replacement. Wear-resistance treatment is done on the plough, making them more durable to the severe wear conditions. Depending upon the raw materials and their properties, various main shaft agitators can be equipped..

The main shaft agitators include different tools like an ordinary plough, saw-toothed plough, and shaver-shaped paddle. The high-speed chopper includes multiple-piece cross blade and double-piece lotus blade. Due to the presence of all these tools, the mixing units highly efficient results.

4. Discharging Unit

The standard valve for the horizontal plough shear mixer is a pneumatic planar flap valve. When close the valve, the planar flap matches the mixing barrel perfectly, this makes no mixing dead zone and better mixing effect. The different drive types are Manual, Electric & Pneumatic valves. Different options available in valves are powder spherical valve, cylinder valve, plum-blossom dislocation valve, butterfly valve, rotary valve and many more that can help the discharging unit in providing excellent output.

5. Auxiliary Components

The plough mixer is equipped with many auxiliary components, like steam coil jacket, honeycomb pressure jacket, medium circulation jacket, sampling valve, high-speed chopper, temperature sensor, weighing system, dust removal system, and many more. Different heat medium requires different jacket, that can be used for heating and cooling, while the temperature should be within 250 Celsius degree. If a small quantity of liquid is required during mixing, spraying, or atomizing unit is necessary to mix the liquid evenly with the main ingredient. The liquid-adding system is composed of three different parts that include pressure source, liquid storage pot and spraying nozzles and make these plough shear mixers a powerful machine. To keep up with market demand and high competition, it is important for every mixer manufacturer to offer the highest quality plough mixers. Bhagwati Machtech ensures that the best materials are used for the manufacturing of its pharmaceutical equipments.

Plough Shear Mixers