Tips to Buy V Blender Machine

V Type Blender can be used for a variety of application requirements. Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt. Ltd. V Blender can cover several aspects including manufacturing, practicality and feasibility. Physical parameters, design qualifications, reports, service manuals and detailed descriptions can be known about this machine at Here are some tips to buy V Blender:

Working Principle of V Blender Machine

The basic working principle of a V Blender Machine is that its cylinders form a “V” shape with a symmetry angle of 80 degrees. It also features an apex port fitted with a discharge valve. The shape of the V-blender results in nearly complete discharge. It does not have a shaft projection, which makes it easy to clean. However, a V blender does require a high headroom for installation. It is not suitable for blending different sizes or densities.

Intensifiers Improve Mixing Performance in V Type Blenders

Intensifiers improve the mixing performance of the V Blender Machine. A blender should have at least 70% of its interior volume free, as this allows the free-fall roll-over of powders and solids. Depending on the speed and nature of the powder or solid being blended, the blending time will be from eight to ten minutes. The working capacity and homogeneity of a V Blender Machine are determined by three parameters: size, filling volume, and the amount of time it takes to blend.

Overfilling of the V Blender Machine

Overfilling of the V Blender Machine is a serious problem that can affect the overall quality of the blended product. A full charge will cover the entire shaft and splash housing, but not the tips of the desperation blades. Overfilling can result in poor blending and can overload the agitator motor. Underfilling the unit can produce tumble blends. In order to ensure a better blend quality, it is a good idea to run a trial batch to optimize the filling and blending rate.

Material Mixing in V-Type Blenders

The V blender is an excellent choice for mixing materials with a low degree of cohesiveness. This machine’s design ensures that the granules and particles will mix in an optimal manner and that no part of the product will become unmixable. The angled shells in the V-blender of the mixing vessel generate a high degree of homogeneity, and the lack of an agitator ensures a smooth texture and minimal blending time.

Need for Space to Roll Over in V Blender Machine

When purchasing a new blender, there are a number of important factors to consider, including the volume of the mixer and the amount of free space. Free space is vital when using a rotary free-fall mixer. Solids must have enough room to roll over each other. You should fill the blender with no more than 70% of its total volume. Some sources report a high increase in the required mixing time when filling it to 70%.

Discharge Chute in V Blender Machine

A V Blender Machine has a discharge chute for discharging the blended ingredients. This chute is equipped with a pre-installed electrical control system. This control system may include a programmable logic controller. Besides, it allows the machine to receive main power supplies. This is a great benefit in situations where there are frequent changes in the composition of the ingredients. However, a V Blender Machine with a discharge chute can be a complex machine to operate.

The Bottom Line

A V-type Blender Machine is an effective and adaptable blending device for combining and uniformly lubricating dry powders, and it works best with materials that come in the form of granules or powdered form. So, you should look for V Type Blender Machine that is robust and can be used in different industries effectively, because of its high productivity.