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Tray Dryer, Vacuum Tray Dryer

Tray Dryer Description

We offer a diverse range of tray dryers designed to meet various needs. Our selection includes Tray Dryers with Steam systems, Tray Dryers with an Electrical Hot Air Heater base, and Tray Dryers suitable for Chemicals, Dye stuff, Pharmaceutical, Food Products, and Colors. The choice between Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Tray Dryers ensures optimal drying results using conventional processes.

Our Tray Dryers come with both Hot Air and Steam base options and are equipped with a double-walled cabinet featuring Single or Two doors, based on customer preferences. The two walls of the Hot Air Dryers are insulated with high-density fiberglass wool material to prevent heat transfer. The Tray Dryer Doors are fitted with gaskets, ensuring a tight seal. The Stainless Steel trays are conveniently placed on movable trolleys.

The Tray Dryer is furnished with an operating control panel board, a process timer, and a digital temperature controller cum indicator. Our Tray Dryer models are available in different sizes, ranging from 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, to 192 trays.

These models find effective applications in various industries, including Pharmaceutical Tray Dryers, Food Tray Dryers, Chemical Tray Dryers, Hot Air Tray Dryers, Steam Air Tray Dryers, Tray Dryers with Trolleys, Ayurvedic and Cosmetic Product Tray Dryers, and more. Hot Air Tray Dryers play a crucial role in removing moisture from bulk solids, granules, powders, parts, continuous sheets, liquids, and other substances.

Tray Dryers can be categorized into two main types: direct and indirect. Hot Air Direct dryers utilize heated air, gas, or combusted gas steam to convectively heat the product through direct contact. Tray dryer Indirect dryers conductively heat the product by coming into contact with a heated wall.

Our range of tray dryers offers versatile and efficient solutions for a wide array of drying needs, catering to different industries and applications.

Note:Dimensions & Technical Details are subject to change as per customers’ requirement without any further notice.

Technical Specifications of Tray Dryer, Vacuum Tray Dryer

Models TD-12 TD-24 TD-48 TD-96 TD-192
Loading capacity 12 Trays 24 Trays 48 Trays 96 Trays 192 trays
External Dimensionin mm W D H 1370 X 530 X 940 W D H 1370 X 940 X 940 W D H 1980 X1020 X1880 W D H3320X1900X1880 W D H3320 X 1900 X 1880
Internal DimensionIn mm 840 X 430 X 840 840 X 860 X 840 1020 X930 X1830 1960 X930 X1830 1960 X930 X1830
No of Doors One One One Two Two
No of Blowers One Two One Two Four
No of motors / H.P.3 Phase 415 Volts. 1 / 0.5 H.P.3 phase 415 volts. 1 / 0.5 H.P.3 phase 415 volts 1 / 1 H.P.3 phase 415 volts 2 / 1 H.P.3 phase 415 volts Four / 1 H.P.each3 phase 415 volts
ElectricalHeating Load for100°C / 200°C / 300°C 3kw / 6kw / 9kw 6kw / 9kw / 12kw 9kw / 15kw / 18kw 15kw / 21kw / 27kw 36kw / 42kw / 48kw
Steam HeaterNo. of coils. 2 2 2 2 2
Steam Pressure 3.3 kg / cm2 3.3 kg / cm2 3.3 kg / cm2 3.3 kg / cm2 3.3 kg / cm2
Steam consumption 25 LBS / hr 45 LBS/hr 60 LBS / hr 80 LBS / hr 120 LBS / hr
in mm100°C / 200°C / 300°C
50 / 75 / 75 50 / 75 / 75 50/75/75 50 / 75 / 75 50 / 75 / 75
No of Trolleys Rack System Rack System One Two Four
Tray Size 812 X 406 X 31 812 X 406 X 31 812 X 406 X 31 812 X 406 X 31 812 X 406 X 31
Trolley Dimension Fixed Racks Fixed Racks 840 X 960 X 1780 840 X 960 X 1780 840 X 960 X 1780

Salient Features

  • Construction: External : 2MM THK Internal : 2MM THKMOC: cGMP

  • Surface Finish : External:Buffed to 150 grit matt finish Internal: Buffed to 220 grit mirror finish.

  • Inlet & Outlet: All dryers have a 5 micron pre filter r at the inlet and a manually infinite adjustabledamper at the outlet.

  • Door : Doors at provided at the front and / or rear side of the dryer. Door lips are lined with silicon ruuber gasket to preventany leakages. Suitable locking is provided for the doors.

  • Air Circulation : Air circulation is done by specially designed recirculation blowers inside thedryer. The blower capacity , static & design depends on the size and model of dryer.

  • Heating : Dryers are normally supplied with either steam / electric / thermic fluid / hot water heating system. Suitable heating coils / caloriefiers are provided in the dryers.

  • Temperature Control : Temp control system is done by electronic digital temp controller fitted in the control panel. The temp control in the dryer is fully automatic.

  • Trays : Trays are available in S.S. 304 / 316 q. All trays are fully die pressed and with cooved corners. Trays are buffed to mirror finish. Trays are also available in aluminium / Polypropelene / Frp / M.S. galvanized as per clients reqiuirements.

  • Trolley : Trolley is provided in the dryers to accommodate trays in it. Trolley truck are used to load and unload the trays into the dryer.

  • Control Panel : Automatic Control panel is fitted on the side of the dryer. If consists of Starters, contactors, safety relays, ckt breakers, indicating lamps, push buttons , timers, controllers etc.

Application of Vacuum tray Dryer / Oven – Vacuum Tray Dryer 12 24 48 96 or more tray

The Vacuum Tray Dryer, available in various sizes such as 12, 24, 48, or more trays, is a box-type vacuum drying equipment extensively employed for low-temperature drying in negative pressure conditions within industries including pharmaceuticals, food processing, light manufacturing, and chemicals. As a prominent Tray Dryer Manufacturer, the components that come into contact with the materials can be fabricated from high-quality materials like SS304 and SS316L. This system boasts multiple advantages, including swift drying, minimal pollution, and exceptional product quality. The oven ensures a vacuum and dry working environment through a vacuum pump, thereby lowering the boiling point and accelerating the drying process.

Key Features of the Vacuum Tray Dryer with Vacuum:

The vacuum oven is specifically engineered for drying materials that are heat-sensitive, prone to decomposition, and oxidation. The inclusion of inert gas allows for the efficient drying of complex compositions in a short span. Faster drying is facilitated at lower temperatures, optimizing heat utilization. Pre-drying sterilization can be performed, and the drying process strictly prohibits any impurities. The static and vacuum nature of the dryer, brought to you by a trusted Tray Dryer Manufacturer, preserves the integrity of the dried materials. Operating within a high vacuum state of 20Pa, it offers multiple heating options: steam, hot water, and heat-conducting oil. The components in contact with materials can be crafted from materials such as SS304 or SS316L. Its inner surface is subject to electrolytic mirror polishing or mechanical polishing, while the exterior adopts an SS304 fully welded structure, treated with mirror or matte polishing.

When compared to conventional ovens, the vacuum oven presents several advantages. It operates under negative pressure, minimizing oxygen content and mitigating oxidation reactions. Negative pressure reduces the boiling point, safeguarding material quality. Moreover, when dealing with toxic or valuable solvents, the gas can be condensed and recycled.

Our range of 12, 24, 48, and 96 Tray Vacuum Tray Dryers, offered by a leading Tray Dryer Manufacturer, caters to industries like Food Products, Colors, Chemicals, Dye stuff, and Pharmaceuticals, offering an efficient and reliable manufacturing process.

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