Tube Filling Machines

Tube Filling Fully Automatic Ointment / Cream Manufacturing Plant


We design, manufacture and supply the complete customized automated Sterile and Non-Sterile Ointment/Cream Plant for Lotion/Cream , Delicacies , Hair Cosmetics Products , Skin Cosmetics , Gels , Emulsions , Lotions , Tooth Paste as per the latest cGMP norms with Qualification Documents. Lotion/Cream , Delicacies , Hair Cosmetics Products , Skin Cosmetics , Gels , Emulsions , Lotions , Tooth Paste , Cream / Ointment manufacturing plant considering Oil Phase Jacketed & Agitated Vessels, Water Phase Jacketed & Agitated Vessels, Manufacturing Vessels with special high viscosity, intimate mixing agitator and in-built or external Micro-Homogenizer having Auto Lifting top lid device & Heating cooling facility, mixing under vacuum condition and Storage Vessels with or without Agitators.

Specifications Of Cream / Ointment Manufacutring Plant

  • Sanitary standard Design

  • Internal surface Mirror polished to less than 0.5 Micron RA

  • Double Speed contra-mixing slow agitator with step less speed control

  • Inbuilt/Inline High speed Homogenizer

  • Hydro Lift top covers

  • SS 316L contact parts & SS 304 Non-contact parts

  • High standard Automation System

  • Qualification Documentation like DQ, FAT & Protocols of IQ & OQ

  • Smooth processing with low shear force

  • Teflon scrapping mechanism with Agitator

  • Internal/External re-circulation system

  • 100L to 15000L with viscosities up to 1,00,000 cPs

Ointment manufacturing equipment, We normally provide following quality dossier along with equipment – On request (Optional )

  • Final design specifications.

  • Design Qualifications documents.

  • BAR chart and QAP for approval.

  • Detailed general arrangement drawing for approval.

  • Electrical wiring diagram with power and control circuit, for approval.

  • Design calculation and details for all pressure parts, approved by related certification authority.

  • Material test certificates for all wetted parts.

  • Material track Record.

  • Bought out certificates with related code conformity certificates from the supplier.

  • Radiography, DP test and stage inspection report, as per approved QAP.

  • Final hydro test, running trial report along with visual and dimensional report w.r.t the approved drawing.

  • Final as built drawing

  • Final conformation certificate of applicable code, by authorised inspection agency.

  • Final electrical drawing with power and control circuit drawing.

  • FAT protocol and validation document like IQ/OQ/PQ/SAT etc…

    • Transfer of products from storage vessel to filling line

    • Load Cells for Manufacturing Vessel for weight automations

    • Vacuum Transfer Systems for Oil & Water Phase

    • PLC based Automation system suitable for SCADA connectivity

    • Dedicated Skid, CIP & Sanitization System

    • Inter-connecting aseptic piping and valves system

    • SS Operating Platform

    • SS Control Panel

    • Flame-proof System on request

    • “CE” marked Equipments are offered with Third Party Inspection & All Electrical Control with ERTL Approval & Test

    • cGMP, USFDA compliance, CE certifications, ASME certification on request.


  • Lotion/Cream

  • Delicacies

  • Hair Cosmetics Products

  • Skin Cosmetics

  • Gels

  • Emulsions

  • Lotions

  • Tooth Paste

  • Jams

  • Dressings

Manufacturing plant for petroleum jelly balm cream shampoo and lotions
Manufacturing plant for balm
Plant for cosmetic cream
Plant for jelly
Plant for shampoos