Twin Head, Four Head, Six Head & Eight Head Liquid Filling Machine

Filling Machine

Filling machine is widely used pharmaceutical machinery. Filling machine is also used in other industrial applications like consumer products, FMCG and used in filling all types of materials in various size of containers. Companies are manufacturing filling machines as per the custom requirements. There are various types of filling machineries are used to fill liquid, powder and other materials. Each type of filling machine have specific applications. thus the liquid filling machine for Pharma industry is not used by consumer or FMCG. The parameters and measures are customized as per the requirements. Few of the features and applications of different filling machines are narrated here.






Automatic Twin Head Liquid Filler with Rubber Stoppering Machine for Vials

This liquid machine has twin head to fill the liquid with the capacity to fill 4000 vials/hr. The input and output of vials are totally automized with little or no human intervention creates most contamination free filling. The rubber stoppering machine is automatic to close the vials to avoid any human contamination. The capacity to fill the vials is based on the size of vial. Big size will reduce the capacity. The above capacity is based on the vial size 1500 (L) x 800mm (W) x 800-850mm (H).

Four Head Liquid Filling Machine with Rubber Stoppering Machine
Four Head Liquid Filler Machine

Four Head/Six Head/Eight Head Liquid Filling Machine for Vials

Incremental of heads increase the capacity of liquid filler machine. Four head liquid filling machine double than two head, increase the filling capacity up to 6000 vials/hr the remaining parameters like vial size and everything remains same. Based on vial size the filling capacity varies. Six head liquid filling machine fills 9000 vials/hr and eight head twin track liquid filling machine fills the liquid in vial with maximum filling capacity of 15000 vials/hr. Thus high end vial filling machine is used for bulk production that requires less resources to be used for greater production.

Four Head Liquid Filling Machine
Four Head Liquid Filler Machine with Rubber Stoppering

If there is no vial in the system, the machine will automatically stop filling and stoppering process. This is the best to avoid the wastage of liquid if the container in not under beneath the head.  
The same twin head/ four head/ six head/ eight head liquid filling machines are used for bottle filling and bottle capping. The capacity varies based on the size of bottles.


This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt Ltd./