Types of Filling Machines – Powder Filling Machine, Bottle Filling Machine, Liquid Filling Machine

Every small or large product has to be properly filled, tightly sealed, neatly wrapped and nicely packed for delivery into the market. The constant research and development has enabled engineers to design a broad array of latest machinery for several industries. This also includes an extensive variety of pharmaceutical machinery, such as the filling machines. Based on the type of product to be filled; numerous types of filling machines are manufactured and supplied, in the local as well as overseas market at reasonable rates.

These filling machines are also known as fillers; and are used to fill different kinds of products such as liquids, powders, granules, etc. in suitable containers such as;  bottle, can, vial, drum, pouch, bag, jar, ampoule, cup, tube, glass, etc. You can pack or fill water, food, tablets, beverages, cosmetics, liquid medicines, oil, spices, chemicals, juice, injections, pastes, grease, capsules, pesticides, alcohol, glue, syrups, etc. The filling machines available nowadays are user friendly and highly versatile, precise, corrosion resistant, swift, compact, easy to maintain, smooth, non-spilling, sturdy, low friction, non-leaking, safe, noiseless, and long lasting.

Every product requires an appropriate filling machine. Hence, filling machine manufacturers, produce different types of filling machines such as the liquid filling machine, the filling machine for bottle, the powder filling machine, etc. These machines are either semi-automatic or fully automatic; and are designed to fill up the exact quantity of a specific product into the related container.

Liquid filling machines or liquid fillers are basically utilized for filling various types of viscous and non-viscous liquids. Their sub categories include twin head liquid filling machines, four head liquid filling machines, six head liquid filling machines, eight head liquid filling machines, automatic volumetric linear filling machines, semi-automatic liquid filling machines, automatic electronic liquid filling machines, semi- automatic electronic liquid filling machines etc.

Bottle filling machines or bottle fillers are essentially used for filling various types of liquids into bottles, vials etc. of different dimensions. They include automatic filling machine for bottles, automatic filling machine for vials, automatic bottle filling machine, semi-automatic bottle filling machine, semi-automatic filling machine for bottles, semi-automatic filling machine for vials, etc.

Powder filling machines or powder fillers are useful for filling an extensive range of powdered and free flowing granulated products. It also includes special equipments for compressing the powder in to pre-determined shapes like tablets, capsules, etc. They include semi-automatic auger filling machine, automatic dry injectable powder filling machine, automatic monoblock dry syrup powder filling machine, automatic double head auger type powder filling machine, automatic single head auger type dry syrup powder filling machine, automatic high speed injectable dry powder filling machine etc.

The main types of powder filling machines include vacuum powder filling machines, bulk powder filling machines,capsule powder filling machines, auger filling machines, net weight filling machines, scale powder filling machines etc. These days manufacturers of filling machines manufacture a vast range of high quality equipments that can be utilized across a number of industrial segments such as; chemicals, pharmaceuticals, distilleries, cosmetics, edible oil, dairy, food, pesticides, lubricants, etc.


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