Types of Screw Capping Machines

Screw Capping Machine

Capping of bottles, vials and containers are the most important tasks after filling the container in Pharma and other FMCG industries. The cap sealing must be executed in germ free environment and perfectly to avoid contamination to preserve the healthcare products, medicines, food and drinking products like beverages for long term. This needs more automization to prevent human contamination. Pharma Machinery manufacturers know this importance well and offer various capping machines with different features for bulk cap sealing execution. Capping machines are of different types based on the container capping. Screw capping machines are used to seal the bottles with screw heads.

Several Pharma machines are used for multiple tasks of filling and capping. Some of the machines used only for filling or capping. Capping machines are also referred as cap sealing machines. Shree Bhagwati Pharmamach have various range of filling machines for liquid and powder, machine for tablet press, capping machines for bottles and vials like screw capping machine, ROPP capping machine and Flipp-Off capping machines. The prices differ for each machines based on capping capacity of the machine. Single head bottle screw capping/ROPP capping machine works with only 1 sealing head and capping 1000-3000 bottles per hour. Single head vial PP/Flip off capping machines available in three models with varies sealing heads from 4,6 and 8 have incremental capping capacities up to 6000 vials, 9000 vials and 12000 vials capping capacity.

Four Head/Six Head/Eight Head Capping Machines

Automatic four head capping machine are capping up to 6000 bottles per hour as per the standard size of bottle given in the manual. Six head bottle screw capping machine achieves the capping up to 9000 bottles and eight head get the capping up to 12000 bottles per hour. More heads, faster the capping process. The machine selection is based on the work requirements. For bulk production and capping high no. of heads capping machine gives better work completion within short duration.

Washing & Cleaning Machines

Washing machines for vials and bottles are used in pharmaceutical industry, consumer and FMCG production houses. Container washing is a system process to clean the vessels to fill the desired product. The machine uses different techniques for bulk washing with high standard of cleaning to make the container clean and neat without contamination as some of the products/medicines are highly sensitive and make reaction even it comes under the influence of air. Thus the process must be carried out by the equipments following certain medical standards.

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt Ltd./