Vacuum Loading Systems for Pharmaceutical Industries

The Vacuum Transfer System is a dry material transfer system. It is completely dust-free and free of human touch. It is commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries for loading, blending and unloading. It can transfer virtually any material. It consists of a Blower, a cyclone filter, a pipe and a vacuum receiver. Using a vacuum transfer system is easy and safe.

Bhagwati Vacuum Loading System
Self Generating Vacuum Transfer System

The Vacuum Transfer System comes with a conical hopper. The outlet valve is easily customizable to fit your specific application. The Vacuum  Transfer System features a GMP design and quick-release clamps to allow for easy installation. The vacuum transfer system that can be used for loading reactors, mixing machines, and bins.

Vacuum Loading Systems

There are two main types of vacuum receivers, dilute and denser. The dilute phase involves almost equal parts of material and air. This type of system is ideal for conveying any type of powder, such as flour or sugar. The denser phase vacuum system is ideal for conveying a friable or brittle product. It can also be retrofitted into an existing production line. The two types of systems can be integrated into a single production line or are easily combined with each other.

The Vacuum Conveyor is a self-generating vacuum transfer system. It is a cost-effective and efficient solution for powder handling and transfer. The canister design minimizes the risk of damage to the products. It can handle mixtures. So, if you are in the chemical industry, the Bhagwati Vacuum Loading System is the perfect option for your needs.

Vacuum Loading Systems for Pharmaceutical Industries
Vacuum Transfer System

When choosing a Vacuum Transfer System, consider how much the product will need to move. It is essential to consider whether the products will need to be cooled or agitated. A system with a vacuum receiver is the best option if the product is flammable. While there are no known flammable materials, a vacuum conveying system has the advantage of being more hygienic. A Vacuum Conveying System is often the most economical choice for a food processing facility.

A Vacuum Transfer System is the preferred method of conveying powder and bulk materials in a factory. A Vacuum Transfer System is a custom-made system designed based on the characteristics of the product, including its particle size, throughput capacity, and the number of sources and destinations it will serve. These systems also offer accurate weighing and dosing capabilities, which are important for ensuring product quality. A well-designed Vacuum Transfer System will provide a safe, efficient and hygienic environment for your production.

It is important to select a system that offers flexibility. A Vacuum Transfer System can be retrofitted to a drying oven without the need for additional construction or modification. It uses two separate vacuum fans and a barometric damper assembly to maintain a continuous vacuum regardless of the weight of the can pack. It is easy to retrofit to any drying oven, so it can be adapted to any existing plant.