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Vibro Sifters / Mechanical Sifter

Vibro Sifters / Mechanical Sifter

Vibro Sifters / Mechanical Sifter Description

Vibro separators are circular unitary gyratory screens used to separate mass composition of solids from solids,liquid from solid and for gradation of materials as per particle size, having a very wide range applications. This is accomplished by vibrating the screens in three different planes along the vertical axis by means of a specially designed vibratory motor having off centered weights at the top and bottom end of the motor shaft. The top weight causes vibration in the horizontal plane which causes the material to move across the screen towards the periphery. The lower weight acts to tilt the machine which causes vibration in the vertical tangential axis. The angle of lead of the lower weight with relation to the upper weight provides variable control of the screening pattern. Thus the material moves across the screens and also in the vertical and tangential planes enabling maximum screening. “Shree Bhagwati Pharma Machinery” Vibrosifter are available with a wide range of possible screen sizes (mesh) Option for multiple deck separation is also possible. The unit consist of Specially designed vibratory motor to run on 400 / 440V, suitable HP, 3 phase, 50 cycles electric supply ,with adjustable eccentric weights at the top and bottom of the motor shafts mounted vertically at the center of the base plate of screening unit. Screening unit consists of SS 304 screen sandwiched between SS 304 hopper and bowl with the help of special clamp with gasket. This in turn is clamped to the base plate. Rugged Springs placed over the circular motor base amplify the vibration and at the same time restrict the vibration from being transferred to the floor. We are the leading Vibro Sifter manufacturer company. Designed with advanced technology and precision engineering, our high quality Vibro Sifters are extensively used for Agricultural, Chemical processing, Cosmetic, Food Processing, Laboratory Research and Pharmaceutical purposes.

Technical Specification of Vibro Sifter

Model 20' 30' 48'
Screens SS 304 SS 304 SS 304
Screen Dia. 508 mm. 762 mm. 1200 mm.
Capacity / Hour * 20 to 140 Kgs. 30 to 200 Kgs. 200 to 400 Kgs.
Charging height 1110 mm. 1250 mm. 1340 mm.
Discharging height 690 mm. 790 mm. 850 mm.
Electric Motor 0.25 HP special vibratory motor 0.5 H.P. special vibratory motor 1.5 HP Special vibratory motor
Net weight (Approx.) 150 Kgs. 200 Kgs. 350 Kgs.
Gross weight (Approx.) 200 Kgs. 260 Kgs. 420 Kgs.
Machine Dimension (in mm) 700mm x 700 mm x 1000 mm 900mm x 900 mm x 1250 mm 1350mm x 1350 mm x 1350 mm
Case Dimensions (in mm) 900 mm x 900 mm x 1300 mm 1000 mm x 1000 mm x 1400 mm 1450 mm x 1450 mm x 1500 mm

Salient Features

  • Noiseless, Maintenance free & high speeds.

  • Available in various models providing screening diameter of 12', 20', 30' , 36', 48', 72' etc.

  • Portable and compact.

  • Electric power requirement less than other machine of the kind in the industries & lower energy

  • consumption compared to reciprocating vibratory system.

  • Standard machine are with TEFC motor explosion proof / flame proof motor material.

  • All contact parts and screen of SS 304 AISI stainless steel material.

  • SS 316 quality contact parts optional.

  • Special requirement like brushing arrangements, SS lid with charging port and spring loaded outlets.

  • Easy dismantling and cleaning facility for contact parts.

  • Wide range of screen sizes 4-300 Mesh.

  • Double & Triple deck screens with outlet and hopper for bottom deck available on request.

  • Compact vibratory design for high speed & dust free sieving Noiseless and maintenance free machine All contact parts and screen made of SS 304 (SS 316 optional) Low power consumption compared to reciprocating vibratory system Easy dismantling and cleaning of contact parts Machine available with flame proof and double / triple deck options

  • Sizes ranges from 24 to 72 diameter. Mirror polishing makes cleaning of the machine very easy & helps in auditing of material deposits. This gyro sifter has the contact parts made with the highest quality of Stainless steel.

Vibro Sifters Mechanical Sifter
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