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WFI Storage Tank, Purified WFI Water Storage Tank


Shree Bhagwati group more than 25 year experience in Commissioning and Validation, Design and Manufacture, Supply, Installation, of Purified / WFI Storage Tank and pipeline /Distribution System. Our design for the High quality Storage tank with and Piping network of Pharma / biotech injectable water ensures High Purity Water. WFI Storage Tank or Water for injection storage tank is required to be stored in a storage tank for its use in CIP (Clean-in-place cycle). The tank is pre-rinsed with WFI to wet its interior surface and remove all the residues. The Purified WFI Water Storage Tank is also used for non-chemical pressure test of the CIP flow path. The interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipment, filters and associated fittings needs to be cleaned properly to ensure that there is no residue present. Clean-in-place (CIP) is a cleaning process to achieve that without requiring any disassembly. For performing CIP, Purified WFI Water Storage tank is required for supplying pure water for injection.

Following are the features of the Purified Water storage tank:

  • 316L SS storage tank for PW and HPW
  • Internally pipeline and tank electropolised – extra cost.
  • Externally mirror / matt finish
  • Jacketed hydrophobic 0.2 micron Vent Filter
  • Level transmitters
  • Compound Pressure gauge
  • Pressure release valve
  • Spray ball
  • Steam trap assembly
  • Inlet steam control valve

Our water system specially design complies for cGMP, USFDA, EHEDG, WHO Norms..