Application of Cartooning Machines in Industries

Cartooning machines are also known as cartoner is a type of packaging machine that aims in forming cartons. The cartons made from the cartoning machine stands up straight, closed and are folded, side seamed and finally, they are sealed. There is an advancement in technology and is always changing, bringing more economical ways for doing the same job repeatedly.

Principle of Cartoning Machine –

The product is placed in a queue and is forwarded for packaging. The machine will fit the product into the carton through one of the open ends and then close it by tucking an end flap of the carton or putting on glue or adhesive. The product is been pushed into the carton with the help of mechanical sleeve or pressurized air. The product is been inserted automatically with the help of an automatic cartoning machine.  Cartooning machines are been used in different industries for packaging purpose.

Types of Cartooning Machine – Bottle Cartoning Machine –

Bottle Cartoning Machine is considered as the perfect labor saving components that meet the demand of the high-quality packaging lines. The machine consists of the matrix, picks up the bottle and is been further forwarded for packaging.  One of the main advantages is no need of labors to manually place the bottles in the cartoon with proper arrangement. This machine has helped in saving time for packaging and reduced labor cost.

Automatic Cartoning Machine –

Automatic Cartooning Machine is often been used for regular shaped products that do not require special provisions for handling. This machine enables progressive and perfect insertion of the products. It consists of accessory units, for example, folds, insertion of the product, and sealing. The product is been inserted with the help of a mechanical part of the machine.

Bottle/ vial jar cartooning machine is been used in industries like the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, and many other industries.  The high-speed automatic cartoning machine also fills up the tube, blisters, bottles, soaps etc that are been sealed and then further been transformed for packaging. This machine is been very useful in different industries as it allows filling as well as the packaging of the product that has been cost-effective to the industry.

Application in Industries –

Bulk food products like biscuits, cereals, chocolates and different range of food products are been packaged with the help of this machine. In the chemical industry, liquids such as glue or other powdered products are been packed in bags, vial or bottles with vial cartooning machine. Ointments, Creams, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner etc are been filled in the item and are been packed with the help of Cartoner.

The most common industry that use carton machine includes food, pharmaceutical, toiletry, cosmetic, household products etc.

These machines have benefited to the industry by its programmable logic controls, as well as computers that allow the machine to change size automatically & synchronize using software rather than mechanical transmission components. However, desired performance can be achieved by the latest technology been used with this machine. For more information contact us today and get acquainted about the cartooning machine.