Powder Filling Machines

We at Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt. Ltd offer a complete range of filling machines for powdered products. Some of the equipments available with us are Automatic Bottle Unscrambler, Automatic Volumetric Linear Bottle Filling tools, Automatic Auger Type Dry Syrup Powder Filler Machine, Automatic Double Head Auger Powder Filling Equipment, and Automatic Volumetric Linear Vial Filling tools for vials.

The powder filling machine is one of the most used machinery in production where powder form needs to be filled in containers. The powders that are filled are very expensive and it is of prime importance that this operation is carried on most efficiently and smoothly to reduce wastage and also to ensure a quick delivery.

Auger-type Powder filling machine- This augur powder filler is high on speed and has a very condensed structure. An Auger Powder Filling machine is suitable for filling all kinds of powders, like penicillin snow powder and various other kinds of powders. Medicine related to the food, chemical industry powder, and scientific research industry powder can also be filled by this machine.

Injectable Dry powder Filling machine- This powder filling machine also contains a rubber stoppering mechanism. The automatic dry powder filler places rubber caps once the filling is done by the machine. This helps in preventing any powder from getting contaminated and adulterated. This system uses a vacuum and pressure dosing system to attain accuracy. This self-picking roller-based cum stoppering machine has a manual fill weight setting combined with pressure and can withstand long hours of production. A few good features of the injectable dry powder filler are that the safety clutch system to help to prevent vial breakage. There are a few options that you can even customize in this machine for multiple dosing and like the canister loading or swing type conveyor.

Dry Syrup filling machine- This is the highest form of the automated machine where the containers are carefully sterilized and dried to avoid any change in content as free flow powders as well as non -free flow orders. This dry syrup filling machine fills the exact amount of powder in vials and also saves time and content. The various hopper options make the filling very quick and clean. There could be an optional turntable for round bottles in the in-feed and outfeed belt. The advantage of this dry syrup filler is that it ensures the chemical stability of the drug while also avoiding changes in viscosity and crystal formation in the substance to be canned. There is a sub-variety in each of these fillers and one can choose as per their requirement and flexibility.

The pharmaceutical industry in specific is a very sensitive one and the importance of these fillers is that the drugs or antibiotics can maintain and preserve longer shelf life and easy to be transported. Large volume manufacturing even increases the name and fame of an already reputed company. A few variants are Vacuum powder filling machine, Bulk powder filling machine, Capsule powder filling machine, etc which can be subdivided further too into automatic monoblock dry syrup powder filling machine, automatic double head auger type powder filling machine, automatic single head auger type. The constant research and development in this world of powder filling machines are truly inspiring and changed the way the world looks at any product and industry. What makes it more lucrative is that the reasonable costs make it available to the whole world at the click of a mouse!

Apart from these, we also stock Automatic Four Head Rotary ROPP (Aluminium) Cap Sealing Machine, Semi-Automatic Auger Filling equipment, Dry Injectable Powder Filling & Rubber Stoppering Machine, Automatic Wet Glue Labelling tool and Automatic Monoblock Dry Syrup Powder Filling Cap Sealing equipment. All our products are of the topmost quality standards.

Use Of Powder Filling Machine

Our auger powder filling machines are useful machines that most of the industries need in order to get their powder filling job done. Our powder fillers are used in pharmaceutical industries where the powder filling is required on a high basis as it has to be used in different types of medicinal drugs, tablets, and other pharmaceutical products where the powder/granule is highly required as an ingredient. Our powder filling machine helps in filling the powder/granules particulates into the other pharmaceutical elements. Another use of our powder filling machine is seen in chemical industries where certain powder types are utilized for testing and chemical processing. In the chemical industries, our auger powder filler helps in injecting the powder particles into any other chemical substance. There are several other industries where our auger powder filling machine can be a useful and beneficial aspect. Industries like food processing and production industries can also use our powder fillers, as the machine is also required in powder filling into different types of edible items. Hence, as there are a lot of benefits of our dry syrup powder filling machine, the industries should prefer using our powder filling machine in order to increase their production efficiency.