Tablet Press Machine

Bhagwati Pharma has developed a wide range of tablet press machines, related accessories and support equipments. These includes punch dies, tablet coating machine, sifter machines, Mills, dust extractor machines, de burring and de dusting equipments, various models of the tablet press machines, mini press machine, tablet making machines and many other related equipments.

These process equipments have been developed to meet the required engineering standards as well as deliver the required efficiency and productivity.
Important notes on the Tablet making machines:

  • They have been manufactured with adequate stainless steel covers which reduce the noise levels and create a dust free operation.
  • All the models have been made easy to operate, safe to handle, easy to clean and service and there is reduced change over time from one tool to the next.
  • The dies and punches are developed with the most recent technologies for longer life and low wear and tear.

Tableting Machine is essentially the machine used to make tablets in many sizes as per the requirements. It can transform it from the powder form to tablet form. These tablet press machines are mainly implemented in the pharmaceutical industry to produce medicine tablets, however, they also have other applications. Tablet compression machine can be useful in making tablets form of other cleaning products and that for the cosmetic industry as well.

The process of tableting is a two step action where the first step includes lowering the bottom punch into the die to create a cavity for the granulated feed stock. The movement of lowering is controlled by the machine automatically as per the settings. Any excess filling is scraped from the top to allow the upper punch to be brought down and come in contact with the powder. This is done with force to the high pressure compression rolls and helps fuse the granulated material together and form a hard tablet. The lower punch helps eject the tablet at the end of the process by raising it again.