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Auto Tablet Film Coating Machine, Sugar Coating Machine

Tablet Coating Machine

The tablet coater equipment is design to create a uniform coating of tablet with an organic solvent, aqueous or enteric coating. It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industries and the food industries. The equipment conforms to the good manufacturing standards and has a high level of efficiency in operation.

Operation of the Tablet Coating Machine

The application of the coating material is done on a continuously moving bed of tablets. There is a system that also ensures rapid removal of the solvent using a hot air current. Product to be coated are placed in a closed drum, that is in continuous orbital motion , and the coating system sprays the coating material evenly in rotating motion to avoid excess deposit on the tablets.

This tablet coater machine from Bhagwati Pharma Company is designed with energy saving features as well as able to operate hygienically and maintain a clean environment. It is also used in coating of pills and candies in specialized operating processes.

  • Automated process.

  • Conforms to cGMP.

  • Flexible batch operations.

  • Product protective handling to prevent chipping of tablets.

  • Complete separation of production and technical area.

  • Extremely user friendly software and operation through PLC.

  • Excellent mixing and tumbling by special design of baffles.

  • Made up of entirely of S.S.316.

  • Advanced CIP system.

  • Treatment of exhaust air for pollution free operation.

Salient Features of Sugar Coating Machine

  • Tablet Auto Coater Machine type SCS can be used to coat pallets, granules and tablets.

Autocoater is designed for the application of :

Film coating with organic solvent.Film coating with aqueous coating.Sugar coating.

Coat Tablets

It is not economical to coat tablets just for the sake of it. This will not make any economic sense. Tablet Coating Machine Price
  • Cover unpleasant taste, color or odor
  • Prevent degradation of chemical composition of the tablets. There are certain chemicals that react/degrade on exposure to moisture, ultra-violet light or air.
  • For easy identification
  • Make blistering easy
  • Control drug release, amongst others.

Control System

Tablet Coating Machine Specification

Touch Screen HMI / PLC BASE Operation Panel

Tablet Coating Machine Manufacturers

Guide Plate

Automatic Tablet Coating Machine

Peristaltic Pump

Automatic Tablet Coating Machine Manufacturer

Spraying Gun and nozzle System

Auto Coater Tablet Coating Machine

Film coating spraying which includes the tank, nozzle and pumps have a simple design.

Cost of Automatic Tablet Coating Machine

Pan Cooling Surface – Connectors, air pipe and discharging device

Principle of Tablet Coating Machine
  • Air distributing device
  • Components forming the internal structure of the drum
  • Electronic pulse valve
  • Air heating unit
  • Magnetic stirrer
  • Drum filter Movable holder
  • Air pipes and fittings
  • Exhaust dust collector
  • Discharging device

Layout Image below:

Parts of Tablet Coating Machine
Main Technical Specifications VGB-40C VGB-75E VGB-1S0E VGB-3S0E VGB 600E
Capacity (kg/batch) 40 75 150 350 600
Coating Pan Diameter 0 850 0 950 01200 01580 01580
Coating Pan Depth (mm) 705 780 1030 1300 1900
Coating Pan Opening Diameter (mm) 0 380 0 482 0 600 0700 0850
Coating Pan Rotation (rpm) 4-23 4-23 2-15 2-11 2-10
Motor of Main Machine (kW) 0.75 0.75 2.2 4 5.5
Motor of Hot Air Cabinet (kW) 1.1 1.1 1.1 2.2 5.5
Motor of Exhaust machine (kW) 3 3 5.5 7.5 15
Motor of Peristaltic Pump (kW) 0.18 0.18 0.18 0.18 0.18
Volume of the Solution Tank (L)/max (L) 40/55 40/80 60/120 100/200 220/300
Fan Capacity (m’/hr) 2000-2500 2000-2500 2500 – 3000 3500/4000 3500-5000
Number of Spray Gun 2 2 3 4 6
Dimension of Main Machine (mm) 1120 x8S0 x 1715 1200x965x1750 1570 x 1260 x 2000 2000 x 1560 x 2300 2000×2240 x2320
Dimension of Hot Air Machine (mm) 1100 x 900 x 2340 1100x900x2340 1150×1100 x 2510 1610 x1085 x 2710 1400×1400 x2670
Dimension of Exhaust Machine    (mm) 780 x 720 x 1950 780x720x1950 915 x 800 x 2030 1050 x 1000 x 2100 1250×1200 x2200
Main Machine Weight (kg) 650 650 750 1500 2500
Hot Air Machine Weight (kg) 200 200 300 500 800
Exhaust Machine Weight (kg) 250 250 400 600 800
Power of hot air unit electric heating system (Kw) 20 20 30 50 60
Pressure >0.4Mpa >0.4Mpa >0.4Mpa >0.4Mpa >0.4Mpa
Air Consumption 80 kg/mi n 80 kg/min 100 kg/min 200 kg/min 400Kg/h

Closed drum and allow it to rotate.

Calidation of Tablet Coating Machine

Nozzle will begin to spray the tablets with a coating systems. auto process thru PLC systems to controls to all parameter of coating process.

Tablet Coating Machine Capacity Calculation
Our Tablet Coating equipment is able to work any kind of size and shape of cores, tablets, Granules , pellets and any kind of process as film coating Continuous Tablet Coating Machine
  • Film coating
  • Sugar coating
  • Pellet manufacturing process

Please call us you are to discuss your specific requirements. We will be arrange a trial demonstrating availability our shop floor the high performance of our tablet coating systems.

Auto Tablet Film Coating Machine
Tablet Coating Machine
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Auto Tablet Film Coating Machine Tablet Coating Machine