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Checkweigher, Online Checkweighing Machine, Check Weighing Machine 100BPM


It is suitable to check weight of various product, over or less weight will be rejected out, qualify bags will be passed to next equipment.

Bhagwati Automatic Checkweigher / Check Weigher Machine is most suitable for online checkweighing machine of Cartons, Packet,Bottles,Pouches it is suitable for foods & Pharma Industries you know many same machines different name using like Check Weigher Conveying ,Check Weigher , Flour Packing Check Weigher Big , Check Weigher Food bottle and boxes, Check Weigher Bottle and Jar , Carton Check Weigher Checkweighing Manufacturers , Bottle and Jar, Pouch , carton , box Check Weigher Manufacturers , Conveying with Check Weighing Machine Manufacturers , Flour Packing Check Weigher Manufacturers Big Size Packing Check Weigher Manufacturers , Food Check Weigher Manufacturers , Bottle Check Weigher Manufacturers India and UK, UAE Checkweighing Manufacturers , Check Weight Machine , Weight Check System.

Checkweigher is Bhagwati low cost, economical solution for fast, accurate checkweighing applications. Its simplified, modular design offers the ruggedness and durability for demanding production environments at significant savings, with no compromise in accuracy or weighing reliability.

  • 7' SIEMENS touch screen and PLC, more stability and easier to operate

  • Apply HBM load cell ensure high accuracy and stability (original from Germany)

  • Solid SUS304 structure ensure stable performance and precise weighing

  • Reject arm, air blast or pneumatic pusher for selecting

  • Belt disassembling without tools, which is easier to clean

  • Install emergency switch at the size of machine, user friendly operation

  • Arm device show clients clearly for the production situation (optional)

Online Checkweighing Machine