Induction Cap Sealing Machine

Induction Cap Sealing Machine – Bottle Induction Cap Sealer

Induction Cap Sealer

When it comes to packaging of products whether it may be pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry bottle induction cap sealing machine plays an important role. Induction sealers with the help of induction sealing machine ensures protective and safe packaging and are also perfect against contamination. This technique offers high performance induction sealers with its high speed operations.

Advantages Of Induction Cap Sealing Machine

  • Tamper Proof: It is not possible, from production to the Consumer that the content of the product be manipulated without being clearly noticed.
  • Product Freshness: The taste and aroma of the product remains intact due to the hermatic seal.
  • Protection against Leakage : There is no spillage or loss of contents of the product.
  • Sales Promotion: The foil on the inside can be used for advertising or promotional purposes.
  • Maximum Filling Speeds : The sealing takes place without any direct contact which allows full potential of the filling plant to be utilsed. Minimum Effort: The wad is put in the cap by the manufacturers. Thus the filling line requires only the Bottle Induction Cap Sealing equipment to be installed.
  • Indirect Heating: Induction heating allows heat sensitive products such as creams , petroluem product , pesticides etc. to be sealed faster and safely than direct heating which would normally spoil or catch fire.
  • IGBT Technology: IGBT’s are more reliable and efficent at higher line speeds.

Technical Specification

Model No. SBCS-3000
Control Panel
Electrical Input Requirements: 230VAC Single Phase 50 Hertz 10Amperes.
MOC: Stainless Steel Grade 304
Sealing Speeds: 60-80 bottles per minute
Neck Diameters: 53mm – 90mm.
Type Of Sealing Head: Broad Type Induction Head
Adjustable Height: 0 – 300mm.
Water Recirculation System.
Water Tank Capacity: 10 litres of DM Water
MOC: Stainless Steel 304
Interlocks: Water Flow Switch