Inline Homogenizer: Features and Applications

Inline Homogenizer is made up of sturdy construction and can be moved from one place to another. It is necessary to mix one or more substances within a liquid. This device is been used to micronize and scatter the particles that are suspended in the fluid. This in turn makes the product highly stable. Inline Homogenizer delivers with the unparalleled consistency, control of high sheer process applications including Immiscible Phase Emulsifying, Homogenizing, Wet Grinding, Texturing, DE agglomeration and Fine Dispersing. Inline Homogenizers are been designed to handle different types of tasks including emulsifying, suspending, dispersing and blending.

inline homogenizer

Some of the features of inline homogenizer includes are-

  • The unique feature about inline homogenizer is the fact that they are positioned within the production line, aligned with the flow of the product.
  • The ingredients are been mixed in a standalone unit going through the homogenization process.
  • It accelerate reactions having self-pumps with the capacity of 10,000 liters.
  • It rapidly dissolves the solid and making particle smaller in size.
  • It also creates emulsions and suspensions
  • Inline Homogenizer is a highly powered device working on the rotor/stator principle.
  • Due to the design of the rotor/stator system it is having high pumping efficiency.
  • Having high differential velocities
  • Inline system is easy to integrate in closed pipeline system.
  • It is having an advanced and user friendly interface.
  • An economical option for producing large quantities as mixing vessels and tanks are usually not needed.
  • Inline Homogenizers improves product quality and shelf – life stability.

Various Applications of Inline Homogenizer and how it is been used-

  • In inline homogenizer as the homogenization is occurring continuously on the production line, it ensures high consistency throughout the production run.
  • Its main application includes blend one or more substance with the fluid.
  • It is been used for micronizing with the particle with a violent speed
  • This in turn with instant declaration produces cavitation’s and then results into globules explosion.
  • For larger quantity production inline homogenizers are been used.
  • The inline mixture present with the inline homogenizer are been used in different industries where all ingredients are been used to mix with fluid in one vessel
  • The different industries includes are production of creams, paints, pharmaceuticals, dairy items, paper coating etc. and many more industries.

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