Pharmaceutical Processing Machines

Pharmaceutical Processing Machines are designed to create and process pharmaceutical products. They include Sterilising machines, Strip packing and screw capping machines, Tablet counting and filling machines, and capsule processing machines. Pharmaceutical equipment is available as custom manufactured machines, skidded components, or assembled and tested units. These machines are designed to make the most efficient use of the pharmaceutical industry’s limited space.

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Sterilising Machines

Sterilising machines for pharmaceutical processing are important tools used to ensure the safe handling of sensitive products. These machines sterilize glassware and vials using hot air to create sterile environments. This machine also helps to maintain the correct temperature throughout the process by monitoring and controlling the pressure in the different zones of the chamber.

There are several methods of sterilisation used in pharmaceutical production. One method uses a hot air oven to generate heat. This heat sterilizes pharmaceutical equipment by eliminating all types of microorganisms and denaturing proteins and enzymes. It is the primary method used for many pharmaceutical products. The problem with this method is that the high temperatures can lead to degradation of some products.

Another method involves the use of steam. This method sterilizes solid and porous equipment. The process is also suitable for multi-chamber bags. Using a steam/air mixture is highly efficient, reducing the need for expensive chemicals and high-tech equipment. However, the lack of skilled workforce can limit the market’s growth.

Screw Capping and Strip Packing Machines

Screw capping and strip packaging machines are used in the pharmaceutical processing industry to create sealed packages for pills and other pharmaceutical products. The machines are designed to be simple to operate and are capable of packaging products at high speed. They are ideal for the sealing of coated and uncoated tablets of all shapes and sizes. With their high-quality seals, these machines help prevent contamination of products and increase shelf life.

This type of packaging machine is widely used in large and medium pharmaceutical manufacturing units. It is equipped with numerous features such as molds, guide track, and different-sized plates. They are also easy to adjust and offer high accuracy. Moreover, these machines are the best choice for producing hot-sensitive medicines.

Screw capping and strip packing machines are a vital part of pharmaceutical processing, especially in the health care industry. They can be used alone or in combination with other machines. They feature stainless steel construction and photoelectric sensors for accurate control. Their PLC control system enables them to automatically monitor filling volume and speed.

Tablet Counting and Filling Machines

Tablet counting and filling machines are designed to help you make accurate and consistent quantities of tablets. They use a programmable logic control to process hundreds or thousands of tablets per minute. Their color touch screen panel interface helps operators follow the processes without any hassle. These machines also eliminate the possibility of wastage and irregular tablet shapes.

They can ensure 100% accuracy. Some of them are equipped with photoelectric sensors for counting pills as they fall through the hopper. Moreover, they have an integrated dust collection system that is connected to the filler beneath the hopper. The extraction also allows for dustless packaging of tablets. Most of the machines are automatic, which eliminates the need for manual adjustments.

Tablet counting and filling machines are essential in the pharmaceutical industry. They can handle all shapes and sizes of tablets and capsules. The technology used to manufacture these machines ensures precision and accuracy.

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Capsule Processing Machines

Capsule processing machines are automated machinery that process capsules. The process starts with an empty capsule and is followed by the filling of the capsule. Once the capsule is filled, the machine locks the capsule’s body in place. A second part of the machine is responsible for sealing the capsule’s top and bottom.

There are various types of capsule filling machines available in the market. These machines are designed to meet the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. They are low maintenance and feature modern technologies to ensure the process is safe and hygienic. The machine should also have a door check sensor and an emergency switch. In addition, it is important to consider the support equipment that is required for the capsule filling process.

Capsules come in a variety of sizes and shapes. For instance, oil capsules are usually smaller than hard gelatin pharmaceutical capsules. For this reason, it is crucial to choose a capsule filling machine that can handle a wide range of capsule shapes and sizes.

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