Ribbon Blender – An Overview and Gearmotor Importance

Ribbon Blender is a blending machine used for blending different type of materials such as dry mixing (solid to solid) and liquid mixing (solid to liquid) i.e. also referred as chemical blenders for different materials. Mainly used by varieties of industries like the food product, different types of chemical, the pharmaceutical industry, agricultural product etc. and mainly used for creating any powder, granules particle coating, less thickness paste.
A Ribbon Blender comprised of horizontal U-shape trough and particularly a fabricated ribbon agitator that consists of inner and outer helical ribbon. Both this helical ribbon moves the materials in alternative direction efficiently.

Selection of Ribbon Blender-Things to Remember

For any application, the selection of an appropriate ribbon blender depends on the following factors. They are stated as follow

  • On the basis of the material quantity to be blended anyone can determine whether there is a need for a standard or heavy-duty model for blending.
  • The materials used for developing a ribbon blender must be compatible with the different varieties of raw materials used for any process.
  • The characteristic like different varieties of the discharge valve, surface finish and texture, any protective cover, temperature controlling jacket, chopper speed control, any additional safety grating etc.

Ribbon Blender

Besides above features selection of proper drive design should not be avoided and must be taken into consideration.

Usually, a belt drive is integrated between the motor and gear reducer used for power transmission. Flexible belt and a pulleys set is used in a drive system that helps in achievement of the desired speed and torque range. Chain drives are offered by some manufacturers instead of belt drives.

A Gearmotor is a piece of variety of a motor reducer that is designed to work finely with an electronic inverter. Gear unit features are particularly matched with the low inertia rotor. And as a result, high dynamic capacity essentials for high starting or ending cycles for a ribbon blending operations are achieved. In direct drive ribbon blender features like improved speed control, protection from overloading, variable starting torques are provided.

Several benefits of Gearmotor of Ribbon Mixer are-

  • Improved performance is achieved.
  • Results in more reliable operation.
  • The improvement in the ribbon blender space necessity is achieved as compact gearmotor permit small platform mounting.
  • Unnecessary maintenance of adjustment and alignment of the belts and coupling are also eliminated.

Several new possibilities have been created as a result of grouping of Gearmotor and latest electronic drive technology that were absent in old blender design.
VFD or variable frequency drive has provided an efficient way of speed controlling at any phase of blending and discharging. They are more efficient and budget saving option when used for any ribbon blender application. For, making them more valuable PLC can be added to ribbon mixer.

In “Dead load” starting situation the developer was mostly dependent on the belt is driven system with soft start coupling. Shot filled Coupling was damaged due to an overheating problem. And the hydraulic coupling is reusable after overloading condition. The coupling design results in high cost of the blender or ribbon mixer and needs extra care when used.