Tablet Counting and Filling Machine

Turn Table and Packing Conveyor

Turn Table and Packing Conveyor

Scramblers & UN -Scramblers size 36″ diameter, with variable pitch pulley drives, to ensure uniform flow of Glass Containers to suit different machines and purpose on line.

The unit is built on S. S. Square pipe and totally encompassed with S. S. Coverings. The S. S. cladded aluminium cast disc, soiled guide rails; helical gear housing provides a serials and noiseless performance for a long time.

The Packing conveyor belt is having stainless steel Table Top with moving PVC coated canvas belt in the centre. Tabletop is fixed to the same structure made out of S. S. square pipe & supported on adjustable bolts. Tabletop is of 9 inches working space on both side of the conveyor belt for final visual inspection & packing into the box.

Container inputs in turn table by manually or automatic will rotate on disk of turn table and exit through outlet, during rotation of Container will guided by a SS strip, which will guide the Container towards outlet path. The variable pitch pulley ensures total and finer synchronization for incoming and out-going Glass Containers.

The conveyor belt brings the container or products from the labelling/blister/strip machine, operator in turn pickup These bottles/products & visually inspect the bottles/products & doing necessary action like primary packing, secondary packing, picking & placing at proper place.

  • Machine with SS finish.

  • Construction AISI 304 quality.

  • Structure 1.25 S.S. Square Pipe.

  • Three step Pulley System.

  • 0.75 HP, 3 Phase, 1440 RPM Motor With Gear Box

  • Height adjustable 800 mm  50 mm.

Technical Specification

Model TT – 36
Direction Clockwise / Anti clock wise as per requirement
RPM of Disk 4/5/6 through step pulley
Power Characteristics** 0.5 HP/415 V/50 Hz
Adjustable Height 800 mm to 850 mm
Machine Dimensions** 925 x 925 x 1160
Case Dimensions** 1125 x 1125 x 1300
et Weight 175 Kgs
Gross Weight 350 Kgs


  • Electrical supply : 3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing

  • Electrical load : 0.5 KW