All about Jacketed Stainless Steel Tank & Its Use in Industries

In different industries, to store various materials whether solid or liquid stainless steel storage tank is been used. There is wide range of stainless steel tank available in market that has been useful to various industries. The jacketed vessels are been used for application in mixing that needs large vacuum or pressure rating. Mostly, the stainless steel reactors or stainless steel storage tank is used in pharmaceutical industries for storage and processing of liquids as well as solids.

For certain heating and cooling, the stainless steel reactor vessels are one of the best choices as it offers and keeps the material safe and secure. There are also various advantages of jacketed stainless steel tank over other tanks

Advantages of Jacketed Vessel or Stainless Steel Tank

  • Hygienic & Recyclable
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • High Durability & Strength
  • Cracking with High Resistance Power

Jacketed Stainless Steel Tank for Heating and Cooling Used in Industries

The stainless steel tank is used to mix and store various materials like chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry etc. In chemical industry the stainless steel reactor vessel is used for mixing of cleaning agents, lubricants, polishing agents, colors, wax emulsion, silicon emulsion etc. For pharmaceutical industry, these jacketed vessels are used for ointment, gels, cough syrup, vaccines, lotions, antiseptic etc. and simultaneously is also used for different purpose in cosmetic industry

Different Stages of Stainless Steel Storage Tank

There are different stages included in the working principle of stainless steel tank.

1st Stage of Stainless Steel Tank

The storage vessel consists of the special pumping rotor for turbulence. It has up to 100.000 CP high circulation capacities for viscosities. It is also applicable for CIP i.e. cleaning gentle circulation.

2nd Stage of Jacketed Vessel

There is a special spiral agitator that guarantees constant and excellent mixing of the material into the storage vessel. The mixing in the reactor vessel is available in two directions that are vertically as well as horizontally. For a short time of heating and cooling, it is been done with the help of scrapers that are able to rotate and is been made of Teflon. In order to control the mixing process of the stainless steel jacketed tank, there is electronic control with a touch screen monitor with which it can be easily handled.

Storage Tank

3rd Stage of Storage Tank

In order to achieve efficient mixing and homogenizing process in the stainless steel tank, it consists of an emulsifying head and an agitator that is been attached to the scrapers. There is a high speed rotating rotor present, with which the mixture is been sucked along with the fixed stator. A turbine effect is been created at the emulsifying head where the actual process of mixing of the material takes place. Heat exchange is been generated with the help of a low-speed blade agitator. Hence, the product is been homogenized completely with the help of the mixing vessel as the mixture is been processed by dispersing raw materials, smashing, etc.
Hence, we at Bhagwati Pharma offers a wide range of stainless steel jacketed storage vessel as well as stainless steel reactor depending on the requirement of the customers that gives efficient and desired result of the mixing of the materials.