Double Side Labeling Machine

Automatic Both Sided Sticker Labeling Machine – Double Side Labeler Machine

Model No.: 120 D
Both Sided Sticker Labeling Machine


Our front and Back labeler – label applicator applying Front and Back Labels on Flat/Oval/Square/Round shape containers , Ampoules carton, Vials box and carton, Pet / Glass / HDPE Bottles and Jars double side labeler machine, special shaped front and back labeler machine for Container, Canisters, Cartons, Boxes, Caps packages etc. Our front and back labeling machines are also known as two side labeling systems, front and back labeling equipment, two side bottle labeling machines, back and front labeler, Bottle self adhesive front and back labeling machinery, self adhesive bottle labelling machinery, two side bottle labelling machine, Servo front back bottle labellers, Servo base front , back , top side labelling equipment. Our Double Side Labeler Machine with Built with high quality, versatility and durability from the back, top and bottom up. The Shree Bhagwati Self adhesive labeling system is engineered for ease of changeover of products and simplicity and user friendly of operation of operators. Shree Bhagwati labeler machines is high speed with high performance, economically-priced system for front/ back/ top / security seal / L shape / U Shape, wrap or customized applications as per requirement with production rates up to 300 ppm depend of bottle and labels sizes. Shree Bhagwati surpasses all labelers equipment in its price range and is suitable for multi-shift operations where long-term reliability is important. Features such as Servo + PLC control with color touch screen and simple ‘no tool/no change parts’ operation provide maximum flexibility for today’s packagers.Our label application system designed to accurately and efficiently apply Front, Front & Back, Multi-Panel and Full Wrap Labels to an expansive range of plastic, glass or paper containers Front and Back Labelling Machine. Also we have many different model in labelers machines ranges like Ampoules labeler, Vials labelers, Bottles Front and Back Labelling Machine, Jars Front and Back Labelling Machine, Container and Canisters , Cartons Front and Back Labelling Machine, Boxes Front and Back Labelling Machine, Front and Back labeler from Caps packages etc. Front and Back Labelling Machine , Labelling machines are used in wide range of industries such as Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Cosmetics, agro chemical , Chemical, Food, Beverage, Pesticides, Gifts, Agriculture, Electronics and many more. Some companies use Double Side Labeller Machine that are small, handheld, and easily portable to apply labels on different products applying Front and Back Labels on Flat/Oval/Square/Round shape containers.


Machine Name Automatic Both Side Sticker Labeling Machines –Servo Motor
Model Servo Based Machine
Production Speed Per Hour 4800 to 6000 Products per Hour (Speed Depends up on the Size of the Product and Operator Skills).
Number of Labeling Dispenser 2 Labeling Dispenser Head
Suitable for Products Round, Square, Oval (for two label only)
Application Labeling on Flat Surface
Labels Requirement Self Adhesive Sticker Labels in Roll Form having consistence 3 mm gaps between the 2 labels.
Label Material Self Adhesive Cromo Paper Labels/ Filmic Labels
Label Roll Outer Diameter Maximum 305 mm
Label Core ID 75 mm
Maximum Label Length 190 mm
Maximum Label Height 225 mm
Label Dispensing Accuracy +1 mm
Carton Holding Unit Belt Type Spring Based Top Conveyor.
Working Height 860 mm (+50 mm)
Conveyor Length 9 Feet
Machine Weight Approx 300 Kgs
Machine Dimension Approx 9 (L) x 7 (W) x 5 (H) – in Feet
Filled Carton Loading on conveyor Manually


Machine Main Base Frame Mild Steel or Stainless Steel 304
Machine Coverings Complete in Stainless Steel 304
Product Contact Parts Stainless Steel 304
Non Contact Parts Stainless Steel / Mild Steel / Aluminum / Teflon (Whichever is applicable)
Conveyor Slat Stainless Steel 304 Slat with Nylon Strips on Side
Conveyor Shafts Mild Steel with Hard Chrome or Zinc Plating
Conveyor Sprockets Mild Steel or Nylon
Bearings SKF
Plating(Wherever Applicable) ENP / Zinc / Hard Chrome / Blackening
Wrapping Belt End Less Sponge Coated Wrapping Belt
Wrapping Guide Sponge Coated Wrapping Guide
TOP Conveyor Belt Timing Sponge Belt
Guide Rod & Pin Stainless Steel 304
Dispenser Rollers Rubber Molded + Aluminum + Knurling Rollers
Wrapping Unit Up & Down Screw Based UP & DOWN Assembly
Dispenser Unit Up & Down Screw Based UP & DOWN Assembly


Conveyor Motor Make Bonfiglioli
Conveyor Gear Box Make Bonfiglioli
Conveyor VFD Make Delta
Dispenser Motor in Case of Servo Panasonic / Delta
Product Sensor Fibre Optic – Leuze / SICK
Label Gap Sensor Slotted - Leuze / SICK
PLC + HMI Touch Screen Delta/Panasonic Make PLC + HMI
Electrical Wiring Ferrule Numbering on all the wires with Proper Markings
Electrical Components ABB / Sick
Maintenance of machine Weekly Oiling & Greasing is Required for smooth functioning of Machine
Machine Cleaning Advisable to clean machine regularly Weekly (In case of Sticky & Color Base Products, clean machine daily) for smooth functioning of Machine

Salient Features

  • Polycarbonate Enclosure in Stainless Steel Structure.

  • Batch Coding Printing Device

  • Sensor for any additional feature like low label roll alert, machine stop etc.

  • Feed worm system for higher speed option, up to 300 bpm

  • Auto-reject system for both incorrect label data and missing label detection with reject verification

  • Vision Systems for optical character verification / optical character recognition / barcode

  • Rotary infeed & outfeed tables