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Container Bin Cage Blender – Container Tumbler, Bin Blenders


Container Bin Cage Blender Bin Blenders or container tumblers are used mainly for blending of dry powder for tablet production and capsule, which facilitates better flow for tablets and capsules. The bin blenders are also referred to as an intermediate bulk container designed to make sure that the container is removed after the completion of blending. This provides an ease of transportation for the blended products to the next operation without having the need for it to be transferred to a secondary vessel.

Available model 5 litter to 3000 litter working capacity with different size of container.
Bin Shape product container for Ideal dry mixer for lubrication of granules and homogenization mixing of multiple batches in to single batch.
Interchangeable bin with different capacity.
Closed and contained system for blending, storage and transfer.
Hydraulic system for lifting of product container for mixing.
Optional Features: PLC Controls & FLP.