Rotary Labeling Machine

Rotary bottle labeling machine


The rotary bottle labeling machine is made of high-quality raw materials. The parts use high-quality aluminum, steel, and imported nylon. Machining parts material guarantee:

  1. rotary bottle labeller It is suitable for the single/double/multi-sides of the round bottle, square bottle, and irregular bottle. A wide range of application.
  2. Using mechanical rotating positioning, the advantage of the characteristics of the bottle itself looking for the anchor point, greatly improve the stick mark stability and accuracy. High positioning accuracy.
  3. Accurate labeling at various speed; Replace bottle does not need to replace any parts of labeling engine, only need to adjust the operating parameters, make a sure process more simple;
  4. (Reach to the international advanced standards)Small amount of damage label.
  5. Servo drive, labeling in high accuracy.
  6. Easy to adjustable automatic logic program control, easy to control.
  7. Cut label and collection label with the independent drive to ensure smooth operation of the servo drive;
  8. Advanced processing equipment: main parts professional factory uses in all Polytechnic high precision processing to complete, the main parts in the machining process will be used in the highest level of detection methods for quality control, in order to obtain the highest quality and highest-precision parts, reduction of machine vibration at high speeds.
  9. Novel structure. Main designers have more than 22 years of design experience in this field. Each component is through a strict aging test.
  10. Using world first-class brand electrical accessories.

Model SHREE BHAGWATI - 120 / 200/ 300 / 400 Model
Rotary Bottle One Side / Two Side ( front and Back ) / Front and back with neck labellers machine
Driving Mode Servo motor label applicator
labeling methods The bottle is stand into, stand labeling, stand out
Conveyor Speed(m/min) ≤50
Labeling Accuracy ±1.0mm
Label material Adhesive sticker, opaque or transparent label
The inner diameter of label roll 76 mm
The outer diameter of label roll 350 mm(max)
The size of bottle Round , Squire, Hexagonal etc Can customized
The size of label Height 20-180 mm length 25-200 mm
Printer to use air 5kg/cm ²
Voltage AC220V 50/60HZ Single side / Double side / Tree side bottle labeller machine
(Can customized as buyer need)