Tablet Press Machine

Dies and Punches

Dies and Punches


We manufacturing with high technology on the precision tooling with best Punches & Dies -tablet toolings for the tablets B , D , BB , DB with different shape and sizes that is being produced. We make as per orders tablet tooling – Punches & Dies, which cannot be selling from the stock, each & every customer- tablet tooling with punches & dies are custom-made .

Technical Specification

Model SB-30 GMP SB-37 GMP
No. Of Stations 30 37
Max. Operating Load (Ton) 10 8
Max. Pre Compression Load (Ton) 5 5
Output (Tablets / hour) 162,800 199,800
Type of Tooling D B
Max. Tablet Dia (mm) 25 16
Max. Depth of Fill (mm) 25 17.5
Upper Punch Penetration 1 to 6 mm
Main Electric Motor 5 HP / 3 Phase / AC
Feeder Motor 0.25 HP / 3 Phase / AC
Hydraulic Power Pack Motor 1 HP / 3 Phase / AC
Electrical Supply 6.5 HP / 3 Phase / AC

Salient Features

Having an in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical industry's requirements and well equipped to meet the challenges, we are now looking further to be your best option for dies and punches for tablet shaping.

We are able to achieve low distortion, consistent hardness and improved finish on all commonly used tooling. Due to the in-house vacuum furnace heat treatment system and the most modern grinding, polishing and lapping plant we ensure a high degree of constant dimensional stability.

At Shri Bhagwati Pharma, a professional team of customer service and skilled engineers offers you a prompt service and effective solution on your requirements.

you can classify the existing tablet press tooling systems as :

  • B – Punches & Dies -tablet toolings for the tablets
  • D – Punches & Dies -tablet toolings for the tablets
  • BB – Punches & Dies -tablet toolings for the tablets
  • DB – Punches & Dies -tablet toolings for the tablets

We are committed to the International Standerd Quility with Quick delivery and besy service to our valuble customer . below few images for our tooling ..

We can provide tooling for tableting machines like Cadmach, Manesty, Killian, Korsch , Sejong, Ronchi etc.

We design & produce any size and shape of tablet tooling for any of above machine.

Note: Dimensions & Technical Details are subject to change as per customers’ requirement without any further notice.