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Rotary Tablet Press Machine, Tablets Compression Machine

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Rotary tablet Press Machine , Tablet Press Machine Tablets Compression Machine

Shree Bhagwati Machtech is Indian top leading Manufacturer & exporter of a wide range of Tablet press / compression / punching machine which include single rotary tablet compression machine, double rotary tablet compression machine, pharma tablet compression machine and tablet compression machine, mini rotary tablet press, tablet press, rotary covered tablet press, multi layer tablet press machine, small tablet press machine and mini tablet press, tablet making machine, salt tableting making machine, high speed double rotary tablet press, high speed tablet press with exchangeable turret act- iii and tablet press with interchangeable turret Suitable for “D” , “B” and “BB” tooling include Tablet Punches & Dies, Tablet Compression Tooling, Tablet Dies and Punches, Bolus Tablet Press Dies & Punches and Tablet Die Punch Polishing Kit.We use the highest quality materials to create efficient, durable and highly performing tooling.

A tablet compression machine is a mechanical equipment which is used to compress powder and convert it into tablets which are of uniform size and weight. They are used to produce tablets using different types of material serving various industries, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals Nutraceutical, cleaning products, and cosmetics.
The rotary tablet press machine are also known as multi station machine. They have multiple tooling stations which rotate in order to compress granules into a tablet of uniform size, shape (depending on the punch design) and uniform weight. The machine was primarily aimed to increase the output of tablets. In rotary presses, the compressive force on the fill material is applied by both the upper & lower punches, leaving the granules to get compressed in middle.

Salient Features of Rotary Tablet Press Machine

  • Higher Output up to: 199,800 tablets / hour

  • Very High Speed Operation: Main Motor (90 RPM) and Force Feeder (120 RPM)

  • Main motor and Force Feeder motor driven through ACVF

  • Force Feeder Drive From Bottom in compliance with cGMP standards

  • Pre compression up to 5 tons

  • Upper Punch Penetration

  • Hydraulic Powder Pack

  • Auto Lubrication

  • Front Controls

  • Safety Interlocking for upper & lower guards

  • SS 304 Turret Guards

  • Three Lower Punchers can be changed simultaneously

  • Very Low Noise Level up to 80 dB

  • Low Electricity Consumption

  • User-friendly operations

We offer Wide range of tablet punching machine like Single and Double Rotary Tablet Press machine based on latest tableting technology, Single Rotary Tablet Press with 16 20 23 Stations, Double Rotary Tablet Press – 27D or 27B, 35B, 45BB Tooling Stations, High Speed Rotary Tablet Press – 37-45-55-61 Stations , Tablet Press with Pre-compression Double Compression, Slugging Tablet Press/Bolus Tablet Press for Veterinary, Detergent and Salt, Tableting Tooling’s – Punch Die Sets for Tablet Press.

We offer tableting tooling punch die sets for most of the tablet presses, few of them are listed below.


    • Manesty
    • Cadmach
    • ZP
    • Colton
    • Courtoy


    • Korsh
    • Killian
    • Hata
    • Stokes
    • Clit


    • Daniel
    • Erweka
    • Fette
    • Hansect
    • Horn


    • JCMC
    • Kikusi
    • Narong
    • Ronchi


Note: Dimensions & Technical Details are subject to change as per customers’ requirement without any further notice.

Rotary tablet Press Machine
Tablet Press Machine Tablets Compression Machine