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Ghee Filling Machine with Automatic 4 Head Servo + PLC Base

4 Head Servo Base Ghee Filling Machine, PLC Base Ghee Filling Machine

Ghee Filling Machine

Shree Bhagwati Group, a pioneer in filling technology, proudly presents its range of Ghee Filling Machines, exemplified by the state-of-the-art 4 Head Servo + PLC-Based Ghee Filling Machine. With over two decades of industry expertise, Shree Bhagwati has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation to deliver cutting-edge solutions. These Ghee Filling Machines are a testament to their commitment to precision, efficiency, and versatility in liquid filling processes.

Shree Bhagwati's Ghee Filling Machines are designed to cater to the unique requirements of viscous products such as ghee and lotions. Featuring servo-powered piston operation for unparalleled accuracy, the machines offer effortless volume adjustment through PLC controls, eliminating the need for complex tool-based configurations. The inclusion of multi-dose filling capabilities and multi-head dozers enhances productivity, while the shut-off type nozzles prevent drips, ensuring cleanliness and efficiency. With a stainless steel conveyor system, 'no-bottle-no-fill' controls, and a Clean-in-Place (CIP) mode for hygiene maintenance, these machines set a new standard for ghee filling. Moreover, their adaptability to various bottle and can sizes, coupled with stainless steel construction for both contact and non-contact parts, makes them the ideal choice for businesses seeking precision, versatility, and hygiene in their filling processes. Shree Bhagwati Group's commitment to innovation and excellence shines through in their Ghee Filling Machines, making them an invaluable asset for companies in the food and cosmetics industries and beyond.

Our filling pump seamlessly coordinates with the conveyor drive, which is under the precise control of an AC frequency drive. This allows you to easily adjust the speed in terms of bottles per minute using a simple knob.

With over two decades of experience, Shree Bhagwati has established itself as a global leader in the manufacture of bottle filling lines. We specialize in creating high-performance liquid, powder, granules, and viscous liquid filling systems, capable of handling speeds ranging from 30 to 300 products per minute.

The Shree Bhagwati Group has successfully deployed a wide range of Viscous Liquid Filling Machines, including those for shampoo, lotions, creams, pastes, cosmetics, aloe vera products, herbal cosmetics, marmalades, chocolates, candies, oats, ghee, jams, and cheese spreads, among others. Our expertise spans a diverse array of industries and product types, making us the trusted choice for filling solutions.

Technical Specification of Ghee Filling Machine

Power 440 Volts / 3 Phases / 50 Hz
Product Ghee
Head 4
Air Pressure 4 Kg
Fill Volume 100ml- 1Ltr
Output in 2 Head Up to 30-40 Jar per minute

Introducing a Cutting-Edge Internationally Acclaimed Piston Filler

Discover the pinnacle of pneumatic and servo PLC-operated piston filling technology with our state-of-the-art machine. Designed to provide unparalleled quality and performance, our system incorporates the latest innovations in the industry. Unlike traditional machines with oscillating cylinders, our piston filler boasts a fixed product cylinder (syringe) attached to a pneumatic cylinder in a single streamlined configuration. This unique design not only enhances the lifespan of your filling syringe seals but also eliminates the common issue of leakage.

  • Stainless Steel Structure: Crafted entirely from stainless steel, our machine guarantees durability and longevity.

  • Interchangeable Components: Enjoy the convenience of quick changeovers and minimal downtime thanks to our system's unique interchangeability.

  • Sanitization Enclosure (optional): For multi-head machines, we offer an enclosure to ensure a sanitized filling process.

  • Internationally Renowned Components: We exclusively use internationally branded or imported components, including SMC pneumatics, Omron/Datalogics sensors, Schneider switches, Bonfingloili drives, Magris conveyor slats, and PLCs from Mitsubishi, ABB, Siemens, or Allen Bradley.

  • Operator-Friendly Adjustments: All adjustments are tool-free and designed with operators in mind, ensuring ease of use.

  • Precision Filling: Our machine delivers filling accuracy with a deviation of only ± ½%.
    Advanced Filling System:

  • Diving Nozzle: Adjust the nozzle depth to accommodate variations in bottle height.

  • Foaming Reduction: A pneumatically controlled shut-off nozzle minimizes foaming, with an adjustable withdrawal speed for foaming products.

  • Filling Speed Control: Adjust the filling speed to match the flow characteristics of your product.

  • Bottle Neck Locator: Ensure precise positioning of bottle mouths before filling, ideal for small-mouthed bottles.

  • Maintenance on the Fly: The hollow piston rod allows for Teflon piston ring tightening without stopping operation.

  • Back Pressure-Free Filling: Our system fills products with ease, without creating back pressure.

Volume Adjustment:

  • Combined Volume Control: Multi-head machines offer combined volume adjustment with individual fine volume adjustments between cylinders.

  • Stroke Length Scale: A scale allows for accurate stroke length adjustments for repeat calibrations.

  • Positive Displacement: The volume dispensed depends on the stroke length, ensuring a positive displacement of the product.

  • Sealed Adjustment Assembly: The entire volume adjustment assembly is enclosed at the back of the machine.

Conveyor Automation:

  • Variable Length: Adjust the conveyor length based on the number of heads.

  • Container Flexibility: Variable container sizes are accommodated with adjustable side guides.

  • Reliable Drive: A 0.25 hp drive with a lifelong lubrication system ensures smooth conveyor operation.

  • Bottle Sensing: Optical/proximity sensors detect bottles on the conveyor line.

  • Precise Stopping: Pneumatic cylinder-controlled stoppers enable fine adjustments to the line's speed.

Safety & Interlocks:

  • Bottle Sensing: No filling occurs without bottles positioned under respective filling heads.

  • Post-Filling Jam: The conveyor halts filling if a jam occurs.

  • Nozzle Safety: A nozzle 'home' sensor prevents bottle toppling by ensuring the nozzle fully withdraws after filling.

  • Emergency Stop: A dedicated emergency stop button is provided for sudden line stoppage.

Efficient Pneumatics:

  • Self-Lubricated Components: All pneumatic components are self-lubricating, eliminating the need for additional lubrication.

  • Neatly Housed Control: Pneumatic control components are neatly housed in a separate cabinet.

  • Ceramic Spool Valves: Long-life ceramic spool-operated pneumatic solenoid valves guarantee durability.

  • Smooth Filling: Our patented '8' figure piston seal ensures smooth piston movement, even at low speeds.

Electricals & Logic Controls:

  • Professional Wiring: Panel wiring is professionally done with cable trays, ferrules, and structured wiring.

  • PLC Integration: Concealed electrical control circuit wiring is designed for seamless PLC integration.

  • Digital Display: An alpha-numeric 2-line digital display provides vital information.

  • Precision Logic: Microprocessor-controlled pneumatic cylinders ensure synchronization.

  • Production Tracking: Monitor production with a counter display on the PLC.

  • Status Indicators: RYB indicator lamps convey machine status.

  • Head Logic: Our filling head logic allows individual head operation in case of breakdown.

  • User-Friendly Controls: Touch-button PLC controls simplify data entry.

  • Documentation: Circuit diagrams and PLC ladder diagrams are provided with the machine.

Experience the future of filling technology with our internationally acclaimed piston filler – setting new standards in quality, efficiency, and reliability.

Experience the Cutting-Edge 4 Head Servo + PLC-Based Ghee Filling Machine

Revolutionize your filling process with our state-of-the-art Automatic Viscous Ghee Filling Machine. This advanced system operates seamlessly online, delivering precision and efficiency. Here's what sets it apart:

Key Features:

  • Servo-Powered Precision:
    The machine utilizes servo-based piston operation, ensuring accuracy and consistency in every fill.

  • Easy Volume Adjustment:Say goodbye to cumbersome tool-based adjustments. Our PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) allows effortless volume customization.

  • Versatile Multi-Dose Capability:
    Need to handle multi-dose filling? This machine can accommodate your specific requirements with ease.

  • Multi-Head Efficiency: Equipped with multiple head dozers, it maximizes productivity.

  • Drip-Proof Nozzles: The shut-off type nozzles prevent dripping, maintaining cleanliness and efficiency.

  • Smart Conveyor System: A stainless steel (SS) conveyor with 'stop-release line automation' ensures smooth and precise bottle handling.

  • Foolproof Control: No-bottle-no-fill controls guarantee accuracy and minimize waste.

  • CIP Mode for Hygiene:
    The machine features a Clean-in-Place (CIP) mode for rinsing product cylinders, valves, and nozzles, maintaining hygiene standards.

  • Ideal for Viscous Products: Tailored to handle viscous products like Ghee and lotions, it ensures consistent filling.

  • Adjustable for Versatility: Accommodate bottles and cans of various diameters with ease using adjustable guide rails on the conveyor.

  • Stainless Steel Components: All contact parts are constructed from SS316 for durability and hygiene, while non-contact parts feature SS304.

  • User-Friendly Controls: The PLC and touch-screen-controlled panel offer a user-friendly interface for electrical controls.

  • Adjustable diving depth depending on size of bottles/cans.

  • PLC + Touch Screen controlled panel for electrical controls.

  • Production Tracking: Keep tabs on your production with the production counter displayed on the PLC.

  • Varied Volume Settings: Adjust volumes effortlessly through PLC settings, accommodating different packaging requirements.

  • Bottle Size Flexibility: Height adjustments cater to a range of bottle sizes, ensuring versatility.

  • Bottle Arrival Sensing: Optical/proximity sensors detect the arrival of bottles at the filling station, enhancing automation.

  • Precision Bottle Stopping: Stoppers are in place to accurately halt bottles/cans under the filling nozzle.

  • Remarkable Accuracy: Achieve precision with an accuracy ranging from ±0.25% to 0.5%, meeting the highest standards.

Upgrade your ghee filling process with the future-ready 4 Head Servo + PLC-Based Ghee Filling Machine. Its cutting-edge technology, user-friendly controls, and exceptional accuracy make it the perfect choice for your filling needs.


  • Compressed Air 20-24 cfm @ 4-6 kg/

  • Uninterrupted 3 phase, 50 Hz, AC, and Uninterrupted power supply system.

4 Head Servo Base Ghee Filling Machine
Automatic 4 Head Servo PLC Base Ghee Filling Machine
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