Importance of Tablet Press Machine and Labelling Machine in Pharmaceutical Industries

Right from the production to packaging, all the processes in pharmaceutical industries make use of machines. Different kinds of machines are used in pharmaceutical industry for speed, ease and efficiency in processes. This article highlights the use of tablet press machine and labelling machine for pharmaceutical processes.

Tablet Press Machine

Tablet manufacturing is one of the most essential processes in a pharmaceutical industry. Tablets in pharmaceutical manufacturing industry are usually manufactured using a tablet press. Tablet press is a mechanical device which produces tablets of uniform size and shape by compressing essential medicinal powders. A pharmaceutical tablet press machine contains punches and dies which are essential components of tablet press responsible for compression action of the machine for formation of tablets into particular shape. Rotary tablet press machine is the best equipment for bulk tablet manufacturing tasks. On a rotary tablet press machine, the punch and dies are positioned on a rotating turret, and output will depend on the number of stations positioned around the turret and the speed of rotation. Single rotary tablet press machines are comparatively less productive than the double rotary machines.

Labelling Machine

Labeling is an important process in any manufacturing industry. Labeling of products gives them unique identity for easy recognition. Labeling machines make labeling of pharmaceutical products much easier and faster which otherwise would be very time consuming and difficult task if done manually. Different kinds of products like ampoules, vials, bottles, jars, container, canisters, cartons, boxes, caps packages etc can be labeled using labeling machines. Labeling machines used in pharmaceutical processes are widely classified on the basis of types of containers to be labeled and type of labeling to be done on the container. Important forms of labeling machines include front & back labeling machine, side labeling machine, machine for top & bottom labeling, wet glue labelling machine, self adhesive sticker labeling machine, shrink sleeve labeling machine, machine for bottle labeling, vials and ampoule labeling machines. Many Labelling machines are not only used to dispense or apply labels, but also to print labels. Therefore machines like label printing machine, carton code printing machine, cartooning machines are used to print attractive and customized labels on the products.

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