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Planetary Mixer, Vacuumed Planetary Mixer, Agitator Assembly for Mixing

Planetary Mixer


Planetary Mixer:

This equipment is basically a mixing assembly where the agitation pattern is of the planetary nature. The beater or the agitation assembly rotate around itselfas well as travel in a circle in the bowl thereby achievingintimate mixing. Because of special design feature of shifting the mass is uniformly and intimately mixed.

The unit of planetary mixer, vacuumed planetary mixer consists of Bowl SS Cylindrical bowl with torrispherical dished bottom with inside surface polished to smooth finish. MS Jacket on cylindrical and torrispherical area to operated on 3 Kg / cm sq. Steam pressure Complete with steam inlet and cold water inlet and outlet connections with standard fitting like pressure gauge, vent cock, release valve and drain. Bowl also suitable for vacuum application and fitted with 3 nos. Of castor wheel, two fixed and one swivel type. Suitable locking lugs for fixing bowl to the machine. Top Dish : SS top dish for covering the bowl with SS flange having groove for fixing the sealing gasket. Necessary connection with serrated nozzle provided for connecting flexible pipe for vacuum application Light and sight glasses suitably provided.

Planetary mixers are used for intensive mixing of products such as adhesives, pastes, granulations and many more products from medium to high viscosity. The blades present in the planetary mixture rotate on their own axis while the ingredient travels around the center of the mixing bowl. This ensures complete and effective mixing of the ingredient.
Planetary Mixer, although used in producing with the large quantity of paste in industries, helps in reducing manual labor. This mechanism system allows continuously producing large quantities. Planetary Mixture is composed of –

      • Bowl, where the ingredients are been placed.
      • Mixing element that can be a hook, flat beater or the other system
      • Motor, to start the bowl and process of whisk movements
      • Operator box, that allows the operator to control the mixing process and other labor processes that includes timing, speed etc.


We offer with mixtures of various sizes that differ in the gross capacity and its working capacity. We have planetary mixtures manufactures at rigid standards with many features and options available.

Planetary Mixer Technical Specification :

Grosscapacity Working Capacity Lifting Motor H.P Main Motor H.P. RPM Planet / Beater Space Required H X L X B
30# 20 - 2 20-40 / 60-120 1220 X 640 X 520
65# 50 - 3 20-40 / 60-120 1500 X 900 X 600
125 100 - 3 20-4060-120 1650 X 1020 X 650
230 200 1 5 18-36 / 54-108 2300 X 2100 X 1500
280 250 1 7.5 18-36 / 54-108 3000 X 2900 X 1400
375 350 1.5 10 12-24 / 36-72 2400 X 2300 X 1300
550 500 2 15 12-24 / 36-72 2700 X 2600 X 1250
675 600 2 15 12-24 / 36-72 3000 X 2800 X 1300


Planetary Mixer is Creating innovative and cost effective designs suitable for mixing / blending powders as well as through mixing of ointments, creams, lotions, toothpastes, resins, slurries, ceramics, colors, pigments, rubber & other compounds for ointment, cream, Gel, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech viscous and High-Viscosity product, Chemical products, Adhesives and Sealants, Caulking, Putty and Wax Compounds, Dental Fillers and Gel Products, Inks of Medium to High Viscosity, Thixotropic Dispersions and Emulsions, Dental Fillers and Gel Products, Castable Ceramics, Battery Pastes, Powder Coatings, Explosive & agricultural pesticide products and formulations.

Agitator Assembly of Planetary Mixer:

  • 1 / 2 No / s. Of SS open type Beaters.

  • 1 No. SS Scrapper fitted with PTFE strip on both sides.

  • 1 No. centrally located High Shear Emulsifier. ( optional )

Drive Mechanism For Beater :

  • Vacuumed Planetary Mixer Suitable HP 1440 / 2880 RPM DUAL Sped TEFC Motor to work on 415 V, 50 c/s 3 Phase AC supply line, mounted on MS plate.

  • Worm reduction gear box coupled to the motor through belt and pulley arrangement.

  • Epicyclic gear box coupled to the motor through belt and EPICYCLIC gear train arrangement to achieve planetary motion.

  • Suitable HP 1440 RPM TEFC motor to work on 415V 3 phase 50 c/s AC supply line for High Shear Emulsifier. ( optional )

  • The above item are assembled on the top plate which is supported on a Cast iron sliding sleeve with MS gussets.

Main Body :

MS column with flange mounted on stool base 2 nos limit switches provided at upper and lower limits of the column to control traverse of the sleeve.

  • Suitable HP, 1440 RPM motor working on 415V 50 c/s 3 Phase AC supply line.

  • Worm reduction gear box coupled to the motor through belt and pulley arrangement.

  • MS STOOL for mounting the reduction gear unit.

  • Lead screw and guide bar to guide up and down traverse of the drive assembly.

Lifting Arrangement Hydraulic (Optional) :

  • Horse shoe base with suitable gun metal bush housing for 3nos chrome plated guide bars with suitable retaining plate and supports.

  • Hydraulic Power pack assembly complete with MS. Tank, suitable HP pump with filter connected to suitable solenoid valve arrangement with control and check valve for preventing dropage of pressurized fluid.

  • Power Pack connected with fixed / flexible high pressure inter connecting hose to hydraulic cylinder of suitable lift clamped to the drive head to give smooth up and down traverse.

  • Limit switch for controlling up and down traverse motion.

  • Control Panel.

  • Air break DOL dual speed starter with DOL relay for main motor.

  • HRC back up fuses.

  • Ammeters for main motor and lift motor.

  • Push Button actuator for above operation fitted on control panel.

  • The circuit consist of mcbs, relays and contactors is series. Ample overload protection is provided by The MCBs and the relay.

  • Wires coming out of the connections are numbered for easy recognition.

Options Available Provided :

  • Unit with FLP motors and FLP push button station but non FLP panel to be mounted outside FLP area

  • Unit in SS 316

  • Unit in SS304 cladding for GMP model

  • Jacketed bowl for steam / electrical heating