Significance of Tablet Press Machine & Accessories in Pharmaceutical Industry

A tablet press machine is an integral part of all firms associated with the pharmaceutical industry. The way it works is by compressing pharmaceutical powder formulations and converting them into tablet form. It is often referred to as the tablet compressing machine and has the ability to create tablets of uniform shapes & sizes & weight. Besides being invaluable to the pharmaceutical industry it is also useful to several other industries like the cosmetic & petrochemical industry.

This pharmaceutical tablet press machine can either be a single station machine or a multiple stations one. The Single station one is useful for batch production & laboratory production since it ensures precise filling and tablet size. This can either be operated manually or be automated. On the other hand, the multiple station tablet machine is more effective and does not require a lot of maintenance. It can handle a high volume and is very accurate.

The single station machine is useful for the purpose of making chewable tablets, effervescent tablets with substances like tartaric acid, citric acid & sodium bicarbonate. It can contain several other ingredients as well. The multiple station machine is useful for the process of wet powder granulation and formulation of tablets. This one is useful for single process granulating, tablet compression, tablet coating with several other applications for medical food (nutraceutical) and biotechnology.

Tablet Press machine Accessories

There are several tablet press machine accessories available that help improve the functioning of this machine. The benefits of using accessories are as listed here:

  • Improved product inlet feed with the help of a pneumatic product feeding system.
  • Special accessory to reduce the ejection force.
  • Add an accessory to improve the tablet quality control. This is done with the help of a weighting unit that ensure uniform weight, thickness and hardness.
  • An additional accessory takes it possible to combine tasks like dedusting, deburring and metal check in a single unit.
  • Speed up the change over of the product contact parts with the help of component carts.
  • Safer die table transportation.
tablet press machine

Importance to the pharmaceutical industry

Here is why it is so important:

  • High Accuracy: When tablets are prescribed to any customer a precise and measured dosages is advises by the doctor. This machine is essential to ensure the accurate measurement of all ingredients is used to create a tablet of perfect size, shape and weight.

  • Easy prescription: It is quite common for a patient of have the need to take a collection of medicines and their daily dosage. This can be quite an ordeal for the patient. This is where a machine like this comes in handy. It is possible to use a variety of ingredients and mix them to create the perfect formulation and avoid the patient having to consume multiple medicines.

  • Affordable & custom design: A machine like this is both affordable and can help put together tablets. It makes to process of design a tablet for special area very each to do.

The pharmaceutical industry utilizes are large number of machines during the production process. This includes the processes from when all ingredients yet to be implemented to the final packaging of the tablets in the appropriate package along with the correct label. There is a purpose built machine for every process involved during this process. The Tablet press machine is one of the most important machines. This machine ensures that the tablets are manufactured in a uniform shape and size by compressing essential medicinal powders.

Tablet compression machine with different tooling and station such like  rotary tablet press tooling with two major components Dies &  Punches ,  tablet press machine with tooling systems as  B , D ,  BB , DB

Compression Tools & its Description

  • D tooling  Barrel Diameter is 1 inch Head Diameter is 1 and ¼th inch length is 5.25 inch Dies outer diameter is 0.945 inch
  • BB Tolling  Barrel Diameter is 0.75 inch Head Diameter is 1 inch length is 5.25 inch Dies outer diameter is 30.16 mm
  • BB Tooling B tooling is same as BB only difference is that lower punch length is just 3 and 9/16th inch long.
  • DB Tooling Punch Length and Diameter of DB tooling is similar that of D tooling but the die diameter varies between them.
  • D tooling dies and punches are usually have a greater diameter of the tip of punches as compared to B type tolling which makes D type tooling ideal for compression of big size tablets.

Classifications of tools on the basis on their sizes are exhibited in the table below:

Tooling Type

Punch Barrel Diameter

Outer Diameter of Die


25.4 mm

38.10 mm


19.0 mm

30.16 mm


19.0 mm

24.00 mm


25.4 mm

30.16 mm

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