The Importance of Filling Machines in the Pharmaceutical and Packaging Industries

Proper packaging is a vital aspect when dealing Pharmaceutical products. Considering the nature of the medicines it is important to make sure the packaging methods is absolutely faultless. In order to make sure all medicines are handled well by the consumer, they are often packed in user friendly packaging that will ensure no contamination can take place. There are about four different kinds of filling processes commonly used in the pharmaceutical companies. These include vial filling, tube filling, powder filling, and lastly syringe filling. There are specific machines designed to handle each of the above mentioned filling processes. One other very popular packaging used in this industry is the capsule and this too has special machines that do this job. Various Filling and Packaging Methods in the Pharmaceutical Industry With the various methods of packaging, it is obvious that there must be a way of filling and subsequently packaging drugs in all of the above named processes. Vial filling for example are simply important when it comes to filling bottles with clearly measured quantities of the drugs in liquid, powder and suspension forms. Tube filling machines come into use when filling and packaging of suspensions as well as sticky substances such as tooth pastes just to mention a few. A majority of medicines that retail in powder form also require certain powder filling machines to pack. The manufacturers of all these forms of medicines must invest in the right equipment to make their job possible. Prominent Features in Most Powder Filling Machines As the task involved displays, this machine is useful in filling and packaging of all kinds of powdery substances either in the pharmaceutical, industrial or even agricultural sectors among many others. Some of the most important features that this machine can hardly function without include a microcomputer control panel which is very instrumental in ensuring that all products packed do not exceed or fall short of the required or stipulated quantities. That is why it comes with numerous control buttons in varied parameters to allow the operator to set the quantities of the substances being packed at will. Because it is designed to be accurate in filling and packaging, it also includes a feature that enhances automatic correction of simple errors during operation. It is perhaps important to also mention that the machines can easily be graded and they come in various designs with slight variations. All the popular models from provide room for variations in settings to enhance the filling of all kinds of quantities as the operator may deem necessary. Common Features and Applications in Modern Liquid Filling Machines The numbers of substances that are sold in bottles are so many. That is why there are also lots of liquid filling machines out in the market. There are many brands and models but they generally have some features and applications in common because they are supposed to perform the same function anyway. One common feature that comes in almost all brands is the automatic as well as manual function options. This allows the operator to either set the system in motion and let the packaging and filling continue for a set duration of time or to execute each filling by pressing on a button to set the machine in motion. A valve control system is almost mandatory because it helps ion setting the viscosity levels of all liquids being packaged. It is also important to mention the needle like filling head that makes it possible to actually fill any bottles however tiny their nozzles may be. This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt Ltd./