Various Types of Edible Oil Filling & Packaging Machines

A liquid packaging machine is equipment that is found in many industries. It can be used to fill a variety of liquid products, including sauces, soups, and vegetable oils. If you’re planning to set up a new packaging line for edible oil, you need to buy some equipment for the process. Some of these machines include a capper, a filler, and a vacuum filler.

Filling Machine to Fill Bottles

There are different types of edible oil filling machines. They vary in price and specifications. The equipment that you select should be based on your production capacity. A reliable supplier can help you to design the best system.

A well-made machine can be very helpful in reducing labor costs. In addition, it can make the packaging of a liquid more efficient. With the help of our machine, the process can be done fast and easily.

Filling machines can be divided into two main categories: pneumatic and electric. Each type has its advantages. For example, the pneumatic type is ideal for non-viscous products. Moreover, its speed can be controlled via PLC.

Another type is the overflow filler, which is designed to keep the same level of liquid in each container. It also comes with a human-machine interface, making complicated operations easy to do.

Vacuum Filler Machine for Liquid Products

When deciding on a filler for an edible oil packaging line, there are several different solutions to consider. For example, vacuum, piston, and gravity fillers can be used to fill a variety of containers.

Vacuum fillers are often the most economical solution to filling a range of liquid products. They offer good accuracy and allow for the product to remain at its original quality. These fillers can be suited for both rigid and flexible containers.

These machines can be used for food, pharmaceutical, and beverage applications. In addition to liquid fillers, the company also offers vacuum syrups and gallon fillers.

Overflow Filling Machines

An overflow filler is one of the most common packaging machines used for edible oil packaging. This type of machine works to fill bottles to a set level and prevents spillage. It also eliminates waste from the product.

Most overflow filling machines are capable of processing low to medium-viscosity liquids. This makes them ideal for clear containers. However, this type of filler is not suitable for thick products. To fill this kind of container, the overflow filler must be able to handle high speeds.

The overflow filler nozzle is a two-part device that can handle a wide variety of bottle shapes. Moreover, it uses a vacuum filling system that removes an excess product from the mouth. This is especially useful for products that contain particulates.

Volumetric Filler Machine for Ensuring Consistent Product in Each Container

A Volumetric filling machine is used for filling a container with liquid products. This type of equipment can be used for a wide range of products. It can be used for cooking oil, juice drinks, and many other types of liquids.

Volumetric fillers use time-based filling systems to ensure the level of product in each container is consistent. They also utilize several nozzles to control the flow of the liquid. There are two main types of volumetric fillers: piston and pump. Each type is suitable for certain liquids. Piston fillers are used to dispense free-flowing products such as oil, while pump fillers add a little push to thicker liquids.

Capping Machine for Applying Caps on Bottles or Containers

Cappers for edible oil packaging lines can be used in a variety of applications. The right capper can handle many different cap types and sizes. Some are designed to handle flat caps, while others are specialized for a specific type of top. A few can even be customized for a unique container shape.

One such machine is the chuck capper, which works for a wide variety of cap types. In addition to flat caps, it can be adapted to run screw-type tops as well.

Another example is the pressure cap, which is a top that applies pressure to a bottle. This is useful in paint cans and other plastic containers.

Another capping machine is the snap capper, which uses a press on the head. This helps seal a non-screw-type top.