Out Standing Creams and Ointment Equipments from Shree Bhagwati Machtech

Oscillating Granulator

This is equipment is used in the production of dry and sensitive powders, mostly in the pharmaceutical industry. It is also used in chemical and food manufacturing industries. Its main function is size reduction, granulation of powders, sieving and grading of powders. In operation, the material is fed into a hopper in either vertical or horizontal orientation, and goes through rotating blades that aid in size reduction. The powder also passes via oscillating granulator bars in a cylindrical arrangement that further crushes the particles to smaller sizes.

The sieve then helps allow the required size of particles to exit while larger sized ones continue the process until they attain the desired size.

The machine is designed according to the current “good manufacturing practice code” with all the safety features put into consideration.

Ointment Manufacturing
tube filling machine

Fluid Bed Dryer /Fluid Bed Processor

This method of processing involves processing of particulate product through an air or gas cushion. In the fluid bed dryers, air is fed through the bed in a sufficient velocity to suspend the particles in a fluid state. There is formation of bubbles in the fluid and enhance particle movement.

The salient features of the fluid bed dryer from Baghwati equipments include;

  • It allows close contact between the functional gases and the product.
  • Process control is well achieved through multi zones, changing velocities, temperatures can be varied and many more depending on the nature of material in process.
  • The bed plates are easily removed for maintenance
  • Residence time flexibility is possible
  • The equipment construction and design allows for good thermal efficiency
  • The equipment can be used for wide range of products and different particle sizes

With these innovative features, efficiency of operation is guaranteed.

Ointment Manufacturing Plant

This equipment is very important in various industries such as the pharmaceutical manufacturing, cosmetic manufacturing, and making of creams, toothpaste, lotions, emulsions and homogenization.

The plant is designed to ensure thorough and efficient mixing of the product, which is achieved through a combination of processes that are dependent on product characteristics.

The combination of various processes and action of blades, with the shearing movement of the homogenizer ensures that the desired product characteristics are achieved.  Some important components of the plant include vessels, agitators with flash valves, water and wax phase vessels, manufacturing vessels, filters, temperature regulators and an advanced control panel that is used in equipment operation.

Oscillating Granulator
Ointment Manufacturing Plant

Tube Filling Machine

This machine is designed for filling of tubes used in packaging of creams and ointments. Some important features of the tube filling machine include;

  • Ability to handle wide range of tube sizes and shapes for different products
  • Adjustable filling operation for different volumes of tubes
  • It is equipped with automatic tube in feed system as well as an adjustable tube filling system for different volumes of liquids.
  • The equipment components are easy to clean and maintain , thus ensuring hygienic operations are achieved
  • Use of the vacuum system ensures no contamination of product occurs.

The equipment from shree Bhagwati is manufactured to high engineering standards and in line with the current good manufactring practices as well as high quality standards.

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt Ltd.