Tray Dryer Machine

Tray Dryer Machine is a high quality machine that is used for drying of different kinds of items like textiles, garments, and even food stuff. Its parts are made of stainless steel and painted M.S., and it features a low-speed fan, an air filter, and a damper for the inlet and exhaust. It also has a digital temperature controller and a timer to control the drying process. It is loaded on a mobile trolley.

Heating Plates

A tray dryer is a drying machine that has trays stacked on top of one another. The trays are heated and dried using hot air circulated inside the machine. There are several types of tray dryers, including automatic and manual models. Tray dryers come with either fixed or extractable heating plates and are typically designed to accommodate up to 192 trays. These machines are ideal for the drying of wet products and are built to meet cGMP compliance standards.

The first nozzle directs pressurized air onto the trays. The second nozzle directs the air stream at a specified angle to the first nozzle. This results in rapid drying.


The Tray dryer is a versatile industrial drying machine that features an enclosed insulated chamber and trays stacked on top of each other. It is a common piece of equipment in the pharmaceutical industry and is used in processes where drying and heating are key. It is capable of drying both wet and solid materials.

A Tray dryer works by transferring heat through a continuous circulation of hot air. It is fitted with blower fans that aid this process. Besides, it also has a control panel where temperature and other parameters can be adjusted. The hot air circling inside the dryer removes moisture from solids in the tray. This process is partly or simultaneously depending on the type of solids being dried.

Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger in a tray dryer machine is an important part of the drying process. Heat is the simplest form of energy and it moves from a hotter medium to a cooler medium. Heat transfer rates vary depending on the direction it is traveling, and they are either positive or negative. The general equation for heat transfer is Q=mC_pT.

The heat exchanger in a tray dryer is a mechanical component that transfers heat from one part of the machine to another. The heat exchanger is placed inside a cabinet that controls the temperature and other parameters. The heat exchanger in a tray dryer works by forcing hot air to pass through the solids in the trays. Heat transfer occurs partially and simultaneously.

Explosion Proof Door

The explosion proof door on a tray dryer machine is a key safety feature of these machines. Its spring loaded ball latches lock it in place, and its neoprene rubber gasket keeps the door sealed against the air. Moreover, the machine’s door is designed for GMP compliance, so it is completely safe to use for preparing food and other materials.

The door of the tray dryer must be safe for storing and moving the granules and powder. It should have a clean air inlet, a flap to adapt air, and a detonation proof door. Finally, the door should have a mechanism loaded ball latch and Neoprene rubber gasket. The door should be attractively designed, with a high quality finish.