Tube Filling Machines

Tube Filling Machine, Tube Filler


SHREE BHAGWATI tube fillers Sealer machine fill products in cylindrical metal / laminate / plastic tubes and close tubes. tube filler machine capacities ranging from 35 to 150 tubes / minute are available with different model like Linear tube filling machine , rotary tube filling machine to meet today’s tube packaging demands in different industry. our tube filler machine can filling viscous and semi-viscous products are handled, like Gel, shampoo, ointment, cosmetics, toothpaste, cream/gel, adhesive, chocolate, sealant, mayonnaise and many more.

New model tube filler machines have been ergonomically special designed to ensure that smooth user friendly working areas are easily accessible for setting, changeover and maintenance. On the other hand, for linear-chain tube fillers might appear longer but are still designed with sleekness in mind.

Many our tube filler machine model including laminated tube filling machine,cosmetic tube filling machine,plastic tube filler,semi-automatic tube filler,automatic tube filling machine,rotary tube filling machine,linear tube filling machine,high speed tube filling machine,tooth paste tube filling machine,filling machines for plastic tube,lotion tube filling machine,pharmaceutical tube filling machine,medicine tube filling machine,cosmetic cream tube filling machine,ointment tube filling machine

Basis of Design

The Tube Filling Machine shall be used for filling and sealing of tubes such as laminate tubes, aluminium and plastic tubes for semi-solid products.

The Tube Filling Machine shall automatically operate to fill laminate tubes, aluminium tubes or plastic tubes with semi-solid products (Semi-solid products such as cream, gel, and ointment.) and seal the bottom of the tube with filled products with heat sealer or crimper. The tubes are manually fed to the tube feeder. A tube will be transferred via a single transfer chute and turned the bottom up. The tube is moved by rotation wheel to the dosing station. Semi-solid product prepared in the semi-solid manufacturing suite shall be transferred via a mobile vessel or vat and connected to the filling machine. Semi-solid products shall be supplied to the filling machine nozzle by vacuum or sanitary pump, as per the filling machine packaged skid design. The tube is filled with product with adjustable volume. Then the filled tube is moved to the seal station to seal the bottom of the tube whether heat sealer or laminate crimper. The sealed tube is conveyed out of the machine on the downstream by the transport system.


The Tube Filling Machine shall be capable of operating the following filling weight and speeds Available : 30 tube fill per minute , 40 tube per minute , 60 tube per minute , 150 tube per minute with different model

Fill Volume 2 gm to 300 gm
Model Rotary and Linear both model

Critical Quality Attributes (CQA)

The Tube Filling Machine shall operate in accordance with the following system specific Critical Quality Attributes:

Attribute Acceptance Criteria
Fill mass ± 0.5%

Critical Process Parameters (CPP)

All CPPs shall be configurable in the system. To avoid repeating data, parameter values may be referred to in this document by enclosing the parameter name in braces, such as {Conductivity}.

Initial and default CPP values are provided in the table below:

The system shall provide continuous monitoring with digital display, audible alarms and alarm messages on HMI for the following:

Parameter Value
Tube filling speed Up to 4,800 tubes/hr – depend of fill volume
Air blow pressure at cleaning nozzle Filter Air – customer scope
Temperature of hot air and hot jaws at thermos sealing Imported German Make Hot air systems fitted with machine
Hot air pressure at thermos sealing Mechanical with special designed attachment
Temperature at hopper Optional Provide – Jacketed Hopper with temperature controller

Tube Feeder

  • The tube filling machine shall be designed to allow manual loading of tubes ergonomically into the magazine with automatic tube feeding into the dosing station.
  • The tube shall be orderly fed to the dosing station and placed in vertical position on dedicated position. The open bottom side of the tube is up.

Dosing Station

  • The tube shall be internally cleaned by adjustable air blow and dust aspiration device by vacuum.
  • A terminal filter shall be used for the compressed air to the cleaning station.
  • Semi-solid product shall be supplied from a mobile vessel or vat to the heated hopper by using vacuum or sanitary pump integral with the filling machine with minimum quantity of product remaining inside the vessel a the completion of filling.
  • The heated hopper with scraper shall be used to keep homogeneity and consistent temperature of the product.
  • Adjuster shall be used for the central dosing volume adjustment. The dosing volume as well as the dosing speed shall be adjusted at the operating terminal.
  • The dosing station shall automatically detect and alert the operator if any dosing station is missing a tube.

Sealing Station

  • Plastic tube shall be completely sealed by thermos sealing equipped with high frequency hot jaws and hot air. Possibility to customize designer seals.
  • Laminate tube and Aluminium tube shall be sealed by tube closing unit for normal, double, or saddle fold.
  • Coding on the outer of the tube shall be able to do in this station.

Technical Details of Tube filling machine, tube filler

Machine Capacity: Machine is suitable for 5 gms to 200 gms with inter changeable Piston pump.
Product , Contact Part: Stainless Steel 316 materials
Product Hopper: Product Hopper SS-316 of 45 Kg capacity (Working Volume 40 Kg).- approx
Filling Volume setting: Cam for Valve operation as well Fine Tuning adjustable Control System. or Pneumatic / servo - Option
No tube - No Fill Device: Sensor with Electrical Logic Control system with control panel attached.
Filling Accuracy: ± 0.5%. fill volume accuracy
Output per Minute: Up to 70 Tubes/ Min. In Single Hopper One Nozzle (depending on the Fill sizes). for single head
Up to 160 Tubes/ Min. In Single Hopper two Nozzle  tube filler (depending on the Fill sizes). for double head tube filler
Indexing Device of Turret: Multipack Indexer Make Stander.
Empty Tube in feeder:  tube feeding with Auto Cassette Device System with One Tube Size will be provided. other size optional extra
Change Part : piston Pump range from 30gms to 100 gms,  100 gm to 200 gm , Two Cassettes , Tilting Cam, Feeding Con, Socket Holder, Filling Nozzle, and Heating Adopter, of Removable type suitable for any one-size of tubes. With basic machine. will be provided
Tube Orientation Device:  Tube Photocell Unit Make Std. and Stepper Motor & ‘I’ Mark Sensor DETALOGIC Make. At the separate station. on request we added on options available
Lami / plastic tube heating device: LEISTER or BAK Swiss Make, with suitable for Blower 0.35 HP. BLOWTECH Make. And hot air tool tube sealing application special for plastic and lami tube
Lami / Plastic Tube Sealing Device: Pneumatic operated. Jacketed water cooling System Attached, In sealing & coding where in the tube is pressed & sealed and then batch coded. With metal stereos coding Letter punch (female type 0 to 9, one set). At the separate station.
Trimming device: Pneumatic operated. At the separate station.
Tube ejection: Automatic Filled Tube ejection at separate station.
Machine System Description: Empty Tube Feeding, ‘I’ Mark Orientation, Filling, Sealing, Crimping, Coding and filled Tube Ejector Automatically.
Machine security: Overload clutch for centering and micro switch cut-off system.
Control Panel: Necessary functional features like emergency stop, re-set, inching, and user friendly, Electrical logic system are standard with the machine, with interlock & indication on the main operator’s of panel to Electrical logic Control.
Motor: 1. HP; 1440 RPM 3Ph. 440V AC.
Production Speed Control Variable speed control Suitable VFD Drive makes DELTA.
Production Counter: Digital Six Digit Production Counter.
Gear Box: Suitable Gear Box Ratio with Drive with Separate Drive.
Production Counter: Activate Sensor with Electrical Logic Display 6 mm. Size, 6 Digital Counter.
All Pneumatic components: Standard Make.
Machine Entire frame: Fabricated in Machine Entire frame Mild Steel With Powder Coated & will be in hard Chrome plated & duly ENP coated and all other cams and levers will be in graded casting & alloy steel. With all side covers in S.S.-304.
Power Input: 2-5 kW. 3 phase.
M/c. Dimensions : (L) 2140mm     x    (W) 1280mm    x    (H) 2550mm. - approx
M/c. Weight Approx: Overall Wt. Approx. 1255 Kgs.

Utility Requirement

Input Power : Power In Put, 3 - 4 kW. at Site: 3 Phase/ 415V. ±15%, / 50Hz. ±5%, and Neutral. (As applicable)
Compress Air : Client to Provide Instrument Quality Moisture Free Air supply for Smooth Filling Machine Function the Continuous Air to be supplied at Site: 6 Kgs. / Sq. Cm. Pressure At 10 CFM Max.
Cooling Water : Water Circulation At Site: 5 LPM at 12o C.

Machine: Automatic Single  and double nozzle Tube filler with Feeder Cassette Device Attached Lami/Plastic Tube Filling, Sealing And Coding Machine.
Model: SB- TUBE -160
Product, To Fill & Seal: Cosmetic  Cream into the Lami/Plastic Tube
Respect to tube Dia. & tube height maximum: Tube Diameter max. 40mm, & Tube height max. 200mm.
Filling device: Positive suction & displacement complete Stainless steel 316. After each filling session a control on tailing is achieved by a pneumatic base nozzle cut-off system, along with filters, that cleans the nozzle of the excess sample.
Syringe Pump Insert for Filling: (5 Gms. to 30 Gms.) or (30 100 Gms.) or (100 Gms. to 250 Gms.) Any one of the three sets will be provided against requested specification in your order.