Fluid Bed Dryer, Planetary Mixer, Octagonal Blender, Tablet Machine

Many industries make use of a huge variety of machines and equipment to produce products that we use in our daily lives and these machines can be enormous industrial heavy duty machines or they can be smaller machines which add value and are useful in factories and warehouses. The bottom line is that all industries require an efficient manufacturing operation. The machines perform a range of functions, and the pharmaceutical industry, like many other industries, rely on machines to safely and efficiently blend, mix and manufacture powders and granules. To this end these machines require constant calibration and maintenance. With today’s enhanced technology, a tablet machine, fluid bed dryer, planetary mixer and octagonal blender perform a range of tasks from drying wet granules, to tube- and liquid filling, tablet pressing and labeling to combining liquids and particles to form pastes.

Fluid Bed Dryer for Drying Granules

Fluid Bed Dryers are indispensable mechanization tools in the pharmaceutical industry used for the quick yet gentle drying of particles as well as powders. The agricultural industry also makes use of them to rid granules and grain of moisture. To get the desired product properties, different fluidized-bed configurations such as top- or bottom spray as well as batch or continuous configurations can be selected. Batch fluid bed processing for instance has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for decades for rapid drying, but over the years fluid bed drying is used for other applications like granulation, pelletization and coating of tablets.

Planetary Mixer Have Different Mixing Tools

Planetary Mixer Machines are used for mixing, blending, and homogenizing of wet and dry products for batch and continuous operations. The different models and sizes make them suitable for laboratories to massive production machines used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Planetary mixer comes with a range of mixing tools which can accommodate liquids, powders, granulates as well as dough or paste. The design of the vertical or cylindrical mixing bowls with lids is so designed as to avoid contamination of the blended mixtures.

Octagonal Blender Gently and Slowly Blends

Octagonal Blender Machines are used for blending, mixing and homogenizing in pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture and chemical industries. This useful machinery is known for its gentle blending of dry granules or powder. The Octagonal Blender is one of the best choice in blenders, offering the best results due to its octagon shape, larger material capacity and slow speed. It comes with a bin charging system and a dust free charging system is also included; useful for charging and discharging of powders.

A Tablet Machine Presses Different Size Tablets

Proper proportioning of pharmaceutical ingredients is critical to the quality and correctness of the blended product. The tablet machines presses tablets from different granular materials for a number of different industries like the pharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical and food industries. Different techniques are used for the preparation of the mix – direct compression for dry powders as well as wet and dry granulation. For the tablet machine to produce quality tablets, the blend of ingredients sent to the press need to be dry and of uniform particle size. A separate feed device feeds a lubricant to the blender to improve powder flow.

Competition is tough and every industry has to be super efficient and strive for increased capacity, and different machines chosen for certain industries contribute to increasing overall capacity and streamlined procedures. These machines are selected for their maximum possible yields, and for the pharmaceutical industry, this is vital.

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt Ltd./