All About Tablet Granulation Line

The granulation is a process in which one or more powder particles are combined to form a granule that will allow tabletting to be within required limits. It is the process of collecting particles together by creating bonds between them, and these bonds are formed by using a binding agent. This process of granulation is extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry, for manufacturing of tablets and pellets. This tablet granulation line process requires different pharmaceutical machines, and here mentioned are the different machines used in the process.

Fluid Bed Processor, Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid bed processor is a two-piece unit which is manufactured from stainless steel, and these processors are also known as fluidized bed dryers. These fluid bed dryers are used in the process of mixing of dry powders and agglomeration. This fluid bed dryer has extensive utilization in pharmaceutical industries in order to reduce the moisture content of granules and powder. The fluid drying machine has excellent gas-particle constant, which enables these machines to produce a massive rate of moisture removal from the powders & granules that results in high mass and high heat transfer rates. There is minimum involvement of manual labour in these fluid bed processors and have simplified maintenance with flexible installation options.

ACG fluid bed processor

Rapid Mixer Granulator

The rapid mixer granulator (RMG) is a highly used equipment in pharmaceutical industries. These mixers are used for mixing two different pharmaceutical ingredients and make the one, and these granulators are also used for making granules for the compression process. There are different parts of these rapid mixers that are used in the mixing process like

  •  Impellers: These impellers are located at the bottom of the equipment, with 2 full-length blades & 2 half-length blades. The half-length blades are used to lift the material meanwhile full-length blades are used to mix the particles.
  • Choppers: Choppers are the small blades present at the dome of the machine used to cut down the wet lumps and give a uniform granulation.
  • Discharge Port: This discharge port is controlled by a compressed air operated cylinder which is also called as pneumatic cylinders. The role of these discharge ports is to unload the granules into the container.
Rapid Mixer Granulator – RMG Machine, High Shear Mixers for Granulation

All above the various parts of a rapid mixer granulator.

Multi Mill

A Multi mill is used in pharmaceutical industries for wet and dry granulation and pulverization. This multi mill device works on the principle of changing force swing beaters which have both knife and impact edge rotating within a precise screen to receive the required size reduction. This portable mill unit is useful for high-speed granulation pulverizing and for mixing a wide range of wet and dry materials productively. These mills are easy to dis-assemble and clean them from both the inner and outer surface. With its reliability, low-cost maintenance and high level of performance it is one of the preferable machines used for  granulation line process.

Multi Mill


The “V” blender is a reliable and versatile blending machine, which is used for mixing, and lubricating of similar dry powders. Approximately, two-third of the volume of the Blender is filled enough to ensure that proper mixing is being executed. The primary characteristic of blending in a V-Blender is diffusion. Usually, this diffusion blending occurs when the particles are distributed over a freshly progressed interface. The discharge process from these V-blender is normally executed through the apex port which is fitted with a discharge valve. This “V” Blender delivers the best result for powders, because of the suitable medium speed of the blender and “V” shape of the vessel. With the detailed context explaining mechanism & features about each of these machines, all above are the various pharmaceutical machines used in the process of tablet granulation.

V Blender – V Blender Machine